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Board Policy 4115.3 - Integration of Teaching Staffs

The Board of Education affirms its belief that sound educational policy includes the concept that the teaching staffs of each of the various public schools of Prince George’s County should be generally consistent with the Countywide racial composition of all teachers employed by the Board.

The Superintendent shall take appropriate action to maintain consistent diversity composition of teachers countywide. The result of these actions shall produce in each of the County’s public schools a racial balance of the teaching staff generally consistent with and reflective of the countywide racial composition of all of the teachers employed by the Board of Education.

An annual report will be issued to the Board by the Superintendent, or designee, noting the implementation of this policy.

Legal Reference: Code Of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 13A.07.05.01.

Policy Adopted 3/25/71

Policy Amended 5/12/03

Policy Reviewed – No Revisions Required 10/16/03

Policy Amended 5/5/05

Policy Reviewed – No Revisions Required 9/23/05


Policy Amended 4/29/10

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Updated April 29, 2010