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Board Policy 4135 - Activities-Organizations - Political

The Board of Education of Prince George’s County believes that all of its employees have the right and obligation to be informed and active citizens. The Board, therefore, guarantees to all of its employees full equality with other citizens in the exercise of their political rights and responsibilities, including such rights as voting, discussing political issues, campaigning for candidates, and running for and serving in public office.

The Board of Education, however, wishes to stress that it, and the public schools, serve all segments of the community without reference to political affiliation. The Board feels strongly that its employees have a responsibility to refrain from involvement in political activities during the working day and in the school setting. At no time is the pupil in the public school to be regarded or used as a forum by an individual for political activity.

The Board of Education believes that a prerequisite to a high quality in education is the acceptance by the community and by governing bodies of their responsibilities in recognizing the political and professional status and rights of all citizens and in the interest of encouraging political involvement of qualified employees, guarantees that in the event of election to public office, the employee will not incur loss of tenure or retirement benefits within the framework of state legislation.

The Board of Education further states as its policy the following:

  • The Board of Education will not endorse any employee seeking public
  • An employee of the Board of Education may not use his position to exploit students, parents, or other Board of Education employees in the interest of his campaign.
  • An employee of the Board of Education may not campaign while on duty during the normal working day.
  • An employee may not use the facilities (except under existing policies), equipment, material, or personnel of the Board of Education during duty hours, in the conduct of his campaign or in the execution of his duties, if elected.
  • An employee, if elected to a public office which would require full time service, shall have a choice of resigning his position or receiving a leave of absence without pay from the Board of Education for the period of tenure in office.
  • An employee, if elected to a public office requiring full time service for a portion of the year, shall be granted a leave of absence without pay by the Board of Education for that portion of the year
  • An employee, if elected to public office representing a conflict of interest with the duties usually discharged by personnel employed by the Board of Education, shall be required to resign or to request a leave of absence without pay for the full term of the office. The employee would have the privilege of transferring his membership in the Retirement System to the State Employees’ Retirement System.

Policy Adopted 8/16/66

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 4/1/99

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 5/5/03

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 11/9/04

Policy Reviewed – No Revisions Required 9/23/05

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Updated September 23, 2005.