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Board Policy 4147.3 - Replacement of Clothing Damaged in the Line of Duty

There are instances whereby personnel within the Prince George’s County public school system have had their suits, pants, shirts, and other items of clothing or personal items ripped, torn, or damaged as a result of disruptive students’ aggressiveness toward them.

When it is determined by the Superintendent or designee that an incident in the line of duty has resulted in damage to the clothing or personal items, the employee concerned will be reimbursed as a proper expense of the Prince George’s County public school system according to established limitations.

Policy Adopted 7/25/ 74

Policy Amended 10/25/74

Policy Amended 9/14/89

Policy Amended 5/12/03

Policy Amended 11/10/04

Policy Amended 9/23/05

Policy Amended 4/29/10

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Updated April 29, 2010