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Board Policy 5112 - Foreign Exchange Students

Foreign exchange students may be accepted as tuition-free nonresident students in Prince George’s County Public Schools if they are sponsored by programs that have been approved by the United States Department Of State, Bureau Of Educational And Cultural Affairs, are members of the Council On Standards For International Educational Travel (CSIET), and have local representatives within a 150 mile radius of the school system for the placement of the students.

The Superintendent shall have the right to determine annually the number of foreign exchange students admitted to the school system and the high school principal shall have the right to determine annually the number of foreign exchange students admitted to the school. Preference may be given to students whose host family has a student presently attending the selected school.

Exchange students may be awarded a Maryland High School Diploma if they request an evaluation of their official school records by the International Student Guidance Office for that purpose when the exchange representative completes the “Application For the Admission of Exchange Students in Prince George’s County Public Schools” and official records are received prior to the students’ enrollment. The students must be able to complete all of the Maryland graduation requirements during their two semesters of attendance. Students are not eligible for a diploma if they have earned one in their home country or will earn one upon their return home. A Maryland International Student Certificate will be awarded to foreign exchange students who successfully complete the school year and who are not earning a diploma.

Exchange organization representatives must agree to follow the Prince George’s County Public Schools’ “administrative procedures for the registration, withdrawal, and transfer of foreign exchange students” and all United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs regulations in order to place students in our high schools.

The Superintendent will develop appropriate Administrative Procedures to facilitate this policy.

Policy Adopted 4/14/88

Policy Amended 3/13/03

Policy Amended 4/21/05

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 10/11/05

Policy Amended 4/29/10

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Updated April 29, 2010