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Board Policy 5125 - Student Records

The Prince George’s County public school system will make every effort to keep student records confidential and safeguard them from those who might use them for other than legitimate purposes. Information of a highly confidential and personal nature about students that counselors, teachers, and other school personnel acquire will be respected as confidential. The interest of the student will supersede all other purposes to which records might be put.

Parents, legal guardians, and students aged 18 or older may have access to all materials in the student’s cumulative record.

Student Records shall be released in compliance with a judicial order or pursuant to any lawfully issued subpoena upon condition that the parents and the students are notified of such orders or subpoenas in advance of the compliance therewith, and that such subpoenas are complied with as specified in enabling documents.

The Superintendent of Schools shall issue procedures to ensure that only authorized persons have access to student records. All acts of unauthorized release of student records shall be immediately submitted to the Superintendent of Schools for appropriate disciplinary action and reporting to the Board of Education.

Policy Adopted 1/30/75

Policy Amended 6/13/85

Policy Amended 5/9/91

Policy Amended 1/6/05

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 10/11/05

Policy Amended 11/11/08

Updated November 11, 2008