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Board Policy 6139 - Test Security and Data Reporting

In 1991, the Maryland State Board of Education established a statewide test security structure and required each local school system to establish local policies regarding test security issues. In response to the regulations of COMAR 13A.03.04, Prince George’s County Public Schools establishes the following Policy.

This Policy includes, but is not limited to, the administration of the following tests:

  1. The norm-referenced test in use by the State;
  2. All Maryland Functional Testing Program tests;
  3. All Maryland Assessments For Accountability;
  4. The High School Equivalency Program test (GED);
  5. Teacher certification examinations; and
  6. Any other test instruments required by the Maryland State Board of Education and/or Prince George’s County Public Schools.

The Superintendent shall designate annually one individual to serve as Local Accountability Coordinator (LAC) and shall forward the name of that individual to the Maryland State Department of Education. The LAC shall implement the procedures necessary to ensure the security of test materials during testing, and storage of all secure tests and test materials, including answer keys, audio tapes, and examinee answer documents, before, during, and after testing. The LAC shall be the sole individual authorized to procure commercial test instruments utilized in state testing programs.

The LAC shall make provision for ensuring that all individuals who administer the aforementioned tests adhere to the test security procedures specified in the Maryland Accountability Coordinators Handbook and all other operating manuals governing mandated testing programs. The LAC shall conduct appropriate investigations and make recommendations for sanctions and other disciplinary actions to the Superintendent.

It is a violation for anyone knowingly and willfully to engage in testing behavior violations or data reporting violations. The Superintendent may take whatever action is deemed necessary to discipline an individual engaged in these violations. The Superintendent or Local Accountability Coordinator will report incidents of testing behavior or data reporting violations to the Maryland State Department of Education, who may conduct their own investigation of these incidents and recommend action beyond that undertaken by the Superintendent.

Legal Reference: Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR), 13A.03.04.

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Updated October 26, 2023