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Board Policy 6153 - Field Trips

The Board of Education recognizes field trips as an integral part of the instructional program. Field trips provide educational experiences, beyond the school environment, which support, enhance and extend classroom instruction and curriculum at all levels. In addition, field experiences offer extended opportunities for students to practice self discipline, consideration for other people, and provide an opportunity for students to apply information learned in an academic setting.

The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to meet the individual needs of students and for this reason, out-of-class experiences should be considered for individuals as well as for groups of students. However, field trips to amusement parks are only permitted where the amusement park has demonstrated that it offers an educational program that relates to the school system’s instructional program. Student participation in field trips is voluntary and students shall not be adversely affected in terms of grades or eligibility to participate in other activities of the class/group. Students may not be denied participation in field trips which directly relate to the instructional program, due to financial circumstances. Students who participate in field trip opportunities are expected to comply with the behavior expectations outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.

Safety of students is paramount. Accordingly, field trips shall only occur when national and international security conditions warrant such travel. The Superintendent is directed to develop and implement administrative procedures that consider security conditions established for local, national and international travel as a prerequisite for all field trips.

There shall be advance disclosure of field trip charges to pupils and parents, including specific identification of any portion of such charges which may provide rebates or other similar financial benefit to school accounts.

The Board of Education recognizes that in some instances travel agencies may be employed to arrange field trips sponsored by schools. Where travel agencies are employed to arrange field trips, brochures or other advertising shall clearly state that (1) the (named) travel agency is handling all arrangements, (2) checks in payment for field trips pupil charges shall be made payable to the (named) travel agency. Records will be maintained of travel agencies used for field trips and an annual report made available to the Board which will show the names of the agencies used and the number of trips involved.

The Board of Education does not assume financial responsibility for field trips or foreign travel, including but not limited to refunds or cancellations for any reason.

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Updated April 29,2010