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Board Policy 6178 - Curriculum Extension – In Addition to Summer School Program



A curriculum extension course is defined as a course which is instructional in nature and is provided in addition to, or apart from, the regular summer school program. The course must be approved by the principal of the school concerned and the Chief Academic/Accountability Officer.

Student Costs

Students enrolled in such courses will be assessed the same or a proportionate amount of tuition, depending on the number of hours involved in the program, in accordance with the regular summer school fees established by the Board of Education with the proviso, however, that the Board may cancel any such course at any time prior to the commencement thereof if the anticipated minimum number of students required to sustain the course at no cost or expense to the Board is not attained. All fees so collected shall be paid by cashier’s check or money order to the Prince George’s County Board of Education.

Use of Building for Financial Gain of an Individual

Programs will not be authorized for the exclusive financial benefit of the instructor, nor may the instructor or his agent collect any monies for such program. Individuals authorized to use the building must receive permission for such usage by the Superintendent, or their designee, and must pay the standard charges for space rental.

Equipment which is the property of the Prince George’s County Public Schools cannot be utilized without permission of the Superintendent, or their designee, and adequate compensation for the use thereof.

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Updated April 29, 2010