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Board Policy 7100 - Capital Improvement Program

Planning and construction of new facilities, including additions and renovations to existing facilities, will be accomplished in compliance with the regulations and procedures as published by the Maryland Interagency Committee on School Construction (IAC), and in support of the Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP) as approved by the Board of Education of Prince George’s County and reviewed by the IAC.

The annual EFMP (or amendments) must be submitted to the Board by June. The annual six-year spending plan or Capital Improvement Program (CIP) must be submitted to the Board for approval by September. A public hearing must occur prior to Board approval of the CIP.

Project Planning and Design

An independent feasibility study must be conducted to evaluate and provide cost estimates for all viable renovation and replacement options for facilities identified for modernization in the EFMP in accordance with IAC administrative procedures. The feasibility study findings will be presented to the Board and the Board must approve the replacement action in the applicable CIP.

The Board of Education will have final approval authority on the acquisition and location of new school sites. An independent site evaluation and test fit analysis will be conducted to evaluate all viable site and layout options. The study’s findings must be presented to the Board for approval prior to the acquisition of a new site and prior to any location or relocation of a new facility on existing Board property. A proposed schedule listing the anticipated start and completion dates for each phase (feasibility study; site evaluation; design and construction) of the project will be provided with the note that the schedule is contingent upon IAC, BOE, and Budget approvals.

Renovation projects will include necessary major repairs to building components and systems.

Standardized technical specifications will be used to the greatest extent possible, where their application does not restrict design quality or design innovation. Standardized specifications will be used for design work carried out within the Department of Capital Programs.

Prototypical school designs will be used, wherever appropriate, in accordance with site conditions and instructional requirements.

Project Delivery

Alternative project delivery methods shall be investigated and applied as appropriate, including construction management agency, construction management at-risk, design-build, and bridging, in order to continuously improve the efficiency of project delivery and the quality of school construction.

In adherence with Board Policy 3323 Bids, if any bid cannot be awarded to the lowest responsive qualified bidder consistent with good quality, the contract award for construction services must be approved by the Board of Education. The CEO shall fully advise the Board as to the reasons for non-award of the bid to the lowest bidder.

Regular Reporting

Quarterly project status reports will be provided to the Board and include information such as changes in scope, schedule or budget.

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Updated August 24, 2017