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Board Policy 7101 - New Construction - Pedestrian Safety Plans


The Board of Education (Board) is committed to providing for the reasonable safety of all persons legally on Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) property, including areas surrounding a school for which the Board does not provide transportation to students. Preparation and open communication with local agencies and resources are key factors in promoting school safety.


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the development of Pedestrian Safety Plans.


  1. Interagency Commission (IAC) – An independent agency functioning with the Maryland State Department of Education which is required to adopt rules, regulations, and procedures regarding the State Public School Construction Program (Program) and approves the Program allocations paid to each local school system in Maryland.
  2. Pedestrian Safety Plan – A plan that is developed to identify existing and potential safe routes for students to walk or bike to school.


  1. The Board shall submit a Pedestrian Safety Plan to the Interagency Commission (IAC) when it is seeking State funds for the construction of a new school, or the renovations of or an addition to an existing school which increases the capacity of the school by more than 100 students.
  2. The Pedestrian Safety Plan shall be developed in collaboration with the Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation and the State Highway Administration (SHA).
  3. The Board shall conduct a public hearing and accept written comments regarding the Pedestrian Safety Documentation of public participation and input related to the Pedestrian Safety Plan shall be provided to the IAC when submitting the Pedestrian Safety Plan.
  4. The Pedestrian Safety Plan shall:
    1. Be limited to the area surrounding the school for which the Board will not provide transportation;
    2. Identify existing and potential safe routes for students to walk or bike to school;
    3. Evaluate the infrastructure, including sidewalk infrastructure, along existing and potential pedestrian or cyclist routes to the school to determine whether increased capacity is necessary; and
    4. Analyze existing and potential school zones, including the need for expanding school zones on state and county roads.


The Board directs the Chief Executive Officer to develop administrative procedures consistent with this policy.


Maryland Code, Education Article §5-324


Policy Adopted 01/12/23

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 Adopted January 12, 2023