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Board Policy 7116 - Preservation of Geological Features

The board of Education recognizes that as a part of the Prince George’s County natural heritage the geological and paleontological features of the area are of the same order of importance as wildlife, vegetation, and history of its people. In addition, students and scholars from our schools and also other walks of life study our land areas designated for conservation and use these areas for educational activities. The Board realizes that in the past many of these geological features and outcrops have been destroyed due to development of land for use as well as by preventable erosion.

In order to preserve the significant geologic features as much as possible when land is purchased and used for school construction, the following shall be accomplished:

  • The staff, in cooperation with the local, state and national agencies involved in geology, will make appropriate studies and recommendations to the Board as to how such geological features may be preserved.
  • The staff will foster the concept of preservation of geological features in its various education activities.


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Updated November 28, 2006