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Board Policy 7430 - Change Orders

The Board of Education authorizes the Chair of the Board to approve construction contracts, change orders, and other construction-related actions on the recommendations of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), in emergency situations, including circumstances that threaten to delay school openings, that jeopardize funding or that endanger the life, safety, or welfare of those involved in the project. The Chair may also use this authority in circumstances in which a contractor has performed work and is in urgent need of payment for change orders that have been reviewed and approved by the Department of Capital Programs. The Chair will grant the approval within five (5) working days from receipt of the construction contract, change order or construction-related action.

This authority may be used only subject to the following conditions:

  1. the total cost for the project, including the contracts, change orders, or other modifications to be approved by the Chair, is less than or equal to the estimated budget cost, as reflected in the Capital Improvement Program approved by the Board and County government; or
  2. if the total cost exceeds the estimated budget cost, the County government has agreed to provide the required additional funding.

If these conditions do not exist, the CEO will adhere to the normal procedures that require rebidding the project, redefining the scope of the project, or taking other actions necessary to conform to the approved budget. The CEO must adhere to all procedures regarding Minority Business Enterprise participation.

With respect to change orders, the CEO will approve all change orders where the amount is less than $250,000 and where the total project cost, including the pending change order, is less than or equal to the project budget as approved by the Board and County government in the Capital Improvement Program. The CEO will notify the Board of Education of all approved change orders at the time the completed project is submitted for final acceptance and payment.

The CEO shall provide a monthly report to the Board on the financial status of all projects, including approved and pending change orders.

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Updated September 7, 2017