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BP 8200 - Professional Development for Board Members

I. Policy Statement

The Prince George’s County Board of Education (Board) recognizes its responsibility to carry out the applicable provisions of federal and state laws and regulations and the policies of the Maryland State Board of Education; maintain throughout the county a reasonably uniform system of public schools that is designed to provide quality education and equitable educational opportunities for all students; and determine and provide, with the advice of the Superintendent, the legal ramifications and operational impact of the educational policies of the school system. These responsibilities require that each Board member complete the necessary required professional development.

II. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the types of professional development Board members are required to complete and a schedule for the completion of the professional development.

III. Definitions

  1. Board of Education (Board) member – Includes elected and appointed Board members and the student Board member.
  2. Term – The length of time the Board member serves on the Board.

IV. Standards

  1. At the beginning of their term, each Board member shall attend an orientation training and be provided with training materials that clarify the role of a Board member. The Board Office will make arrangements for the orientation training and the provision of related materials. within one month of the term’s commencement.
  2. In accordance with a schedule adopted by the Board, each Board member shall complete professional development annually in the following areas:
    1. Community engagement;
    2. Ethics;
    3. Legal issues in education;
    4. Parliamentary procedure;
    5. Public education budgeting and financing;
    6. Role and responsibility of the Board; and
    7. Any other subject determined to be relevant by the Board.
  3. Board members are encouraged to attend professional development conferences related to their duties and responsibilities as a Board member. Registration fees, travel, and other expenses related to attending the professional conference will be provided if the Board member provides documentation indicating that the conference will be addressing any of the topics listed in IV. B. above.
  4. On or before December 1 of each year, each Board member shall submit a professional development disclosure statement describing the professional development activities the Board member completed during that calendar year.

V. Implementation Responsibilities

The Director of the Board Office shall be responsible for ensuring that the professional development disclosure statements are posted on the PGCPS website by January 30 of each year.

VI. References

  1. Legal
    § 3-1004, Md. Code Ann., Educ.
    § 4-108, Md. Code Ann., Educ.
  2. Other Policies or Bylaws
    Bylaw 9354 – Board Members’ Vouchered Reimbursement of Expenses

VII. History

Adopted 02/22/2024

About This Policy

Adopted February 22, 2024