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Board Policy 8372 - Request for Reports, Staff Studies


Board Members may request information from the Superintendent in the form of reports and/or staff studies. Any such request from a Board Member shall be copied to all other Members of the Board.

Upon receipt of a request for information from a Board Member, the Superintendent shall determine whether the information is readily available for production or whether it will require staff to analyze data and/or create a report or study.

If the information is readily available and can be produced in the form of a report or study in less than three (3) hours, the Superintendent shall provide a response within seven (7) work days from the date of the request, unless the Board determines that it requires receipt of the information at another designated time.

If the Superintendent determines that the information is not readily available, and it will take staff in excess of three (3) hours to review and analyze data and other information in order to respond to the Board, the Superintendent may so advise the Board of the work required by staff to respond. The Superintendent may offer other options to the Board to provide the information requested. The Board shall determine whether to accept the Superintendent’s alternative or require that the information requested be produced along with an appropriate time frame for so doing.

All reports and/or studies shall be copied to all Board Members.

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Updated September 22, 2011