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Board Policy 8384 - Certificates of Recognition


The Board of Education establishes the following guidelines for presenting Certificates of Recognition:

  • Requests for Certificates of Recognition from schools, staff, and members of the community, shall be directed to the Board Chair.
  • Requests will be forwarded from the Board Office to the Office of Communications for preparation.
  • Certificates of Recognition will be presented by Board members at Education Awards Nights, schools, retirement and community events.
  • The Board will award Certificates of Recognition for First Place only in Countywide competitions (for example, Science Bowl, and Science Fair).
  • The Board will award First Place only in state level competitions. In national and international competition, Certificates will be presented through Fourth Place only.
  • The Board will allow at least five working days for the request of Certificates and 10 working days for the request of plaques.
  • Board Policy will apply to plaques requested by members of the Board. The cost of plaques will be charged to the Board member’s account.
  • Certificates of Appreciation will be used for awards “outside” Board Meetings allowing individual Board members to honor people separate from the entire Board. Individual Board members will sign their Certificates of Appreciation instead of the Chair.
  • Certificates requested outside the guidelines listed above must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Education in order to be presented at a Board Meeting.
  • Certificates of Recognition will be presented for the following:
    • Athletic Accomplishments
      State, National, and International Competition
      Team and Individual

      Academic Accomplishments
      Black Pursuits
      Finalists and Semifinalists for National Merit and National Achievement Scholars

      Employees – annual awards
      State, National, and International Awards
      The Washington Post Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher
      The Washington Post Distinguished Educational Leadership
      The Washington Post Grants in Education
      The Washington Post Grants in the Arts
      Sallie Mae First Year Teacher
      Major or Unique Awards (for example, Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Service Award or publication awards from the National School Public Relations Association)
      Maryland Teacher Of The Year Candidate
      Christa McAuliffe Award Winner

      Schools – Special Projects, Activities and Competitions
      Science Bowl
      Destination Imagination
      Maryland State and National Blue Ribbon Schools
      PTA Projects
      Food Drives
      Fund Raisers
      Essay and Art Contests
      Business and Industry – Projects and Partnerships
      Community and Civic Groups
      Projects and Partnerships
      Service or School Board Appointed Committees
      Retirement – School or Dinner Presentations

About This Policy

Updated October 10, 2005