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Board Bylaw 9366 - Order of Business Parliamentary Procedures


Robert's Rules of Order, latest revision, shall govern deliberations of the Board in all cases in which they do not conflict with Board bylaws as herein before set forth, state bylaws or state laws.

Bylaw No. 9310 shall supersede Robert's Rules of Order.


A member who wishes to be recognized will so indicate by raising a hand or pressing the signal light. The Chair will recognize members in the order in which they seek recognition, provided that no member may speak twice until each member who desires to speak has had one opportunity.


On all matters where there was discussion among Board members immediately prior to the taking of a vote, voting on motions will be by roll call. Voting members’ names will be called alphabetically with the Chair voting last. The nonvoting student member’s name will be called after the Chair has cast his/her ballot.

The Chair will state the questions and call the roll. Members will vote aye, nay, or abstain. Upon completion of the roll call, the Chair will announce the result.

Calling the Question

During the debate, the Chair shall keep a list of those wishing to speak. If the question is called during the course of the debate, while there are still names on the list, the Chair shall allow all those on the list to speak. The Chair shall not, however, add any new names to the list after the question has been called. The prohibition against adding names to the list after the question has been called shall not apply to points of order, points of special privileges, or other exceptions to the rules governing debate as set out in Robert's Rules.

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Updated October 26, 2005