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Specialty Program FAQs


What are the boundaries? 
Specialty programs schools are assigned based on the parent/guardian's home address.  Click on the link to locate your assigned school.

What if I do not live in Prince George's County or will be moving to the area prior to the start of the school year? 
Application for the lottery is available only to residents of the county.  You must be a current Prince George's County resident at the time of application.  

My family is new to Prince George's County but my child attended a Publick Specialty/Charter School in our previous school district. Will my child receive reciprocity to enroll in a school here? 
Reciprocity is not available for charter schools.  For specialty programs, reciprocity may be available.  Please email for more information.  

Age Requirements

What if my child does not meet the state age requirement? 
Students applying for an entry-level Montessori placement must be 3 or 4 years old on or before September 1. 
Students applying for a Kindergarten placement must be age 5 on or before September 1. 

Early admission into Kindergarten does not apply to specialty program placements.  Students qualifying for waiver of this requirement are able to attend the neighborhood comprehensive school.  For information on this option, you may contact the Early Childhood Office at 240-724-1924.  

Student ID Numbers

My child is three/four years old or attends a private school, how do I obtain a Student ID Number? 

Parents/guardians can obtain an ID number by submitting an online Student ID Request Application.  After submitting you will need to upload your proof of residency, the student's birth certificate, and your government-issued photo ID.  

You will need to log onto the online platform and complete an application for enrollment. Please note you will have to wait 24 to 48 hours after you receive the Student ID Number before you can complete the desired lottery application(s).

  1. Create a family dashboard account.   
  2. Associate the student to the dashboard.   Choose your neighborhood/boundary school for your boundary zone location when associating the student. Choosing a Specialty Program/Charter School may result in your Student ID Request Application not being processed.
  3. After creating your family dashboard account and the student has been associated with the account, click on the 'begin application' button on the right side of the screen. 
  4. Select the student you are applying for, if more than one student has been associated with your account.
  5. Select the Student ID Request Application. It should be available for the current school year only.
  6. Answer questions then submit. After submitting you will upload the documents required for a Student ID Request Application (your proof of residency, the student's birth certificate, and your government-issued photo ID).

If you have questions or technical issues, please contact the Scrib Support number at the bottom of the application.

My child is already a student in Prince George's County Public Schools - Where would I find the Student ID Number? 
Look at your child's report card.  The student ID number is a 9-digit number starting with 000 or 100.  Or you can GO TO your child's school with proof of identity and request the student number.

For students who have at one time attended a Prince George's County Public School, but are not currently enrolled, what do I do? 
Parents/legal guardians may obtain a student ID number by going to their neighborhood/boundary school with a valid photo ID.  In addition, parents should make sure the address on file for the student is current.  If not, proof of residence (deed or current lease) and birth certificate will be required to update this information.  This will ensure an adequate school assignment for the student. 

Transportation and Before/After Care

Will transportation be available?
Depending on the program and age, transportation may be available on a limited basis.  Contact the specialty school for more information.  

Is Before and After Care provided? 
Please contact the assigned school of interest for information regarding Before and After Care.    

General Lottery Application/Process

The Specialty Programs Lottery Application did not ask for my Home Address - Should I have entered it? 
No. Placement locations are based on the parent/legal guardian’s home address.  This information is obtained from the student’s ID number. Parents/guardians should make sure the address on file for the student and on the family dashboard is current.   

I applied for three programs for my child; one is my first choice and the others are my second and third choices. What happens if I get my second or third choice first?  
All choices are treated equally, however, if selected, you may receive multiple placement offers.  If you accept one (either Specialty or Charter), your child will be removed from all other waiting lists (including all Specialty and all Charters).   

When the application specifies entrance grade level only, and I want to apply for that program, what is the process? 
This applies to French Immersion and Spanish Immersion only.  French Immersion placement testing is for students who will enter grades 1 through 8.  Spanish Immersion placement testing is for students entering grades 1 through 5.  Students interested in placement must contact the Immersion Programs Office (301-808-5956) before March 15.  Testing will only be offered if space is available at the assigned school for that grade level.  Passing the assessment does NOT guarantee placement.   

I applied for two/three of my children for the same program, will all students receive placement? 
Placement is not guaranteed for all family members.  Applications of family members will be identified; however, placement is determined by space availability as well as lottery results.  Please make sure the same parent/guardian’s name is used on all applications and that all students reside in the same household.  

When my child is placed on the waiting list, and the school states there is an opening, why don't I receive a letter? 
Continuous notification is not provided.  You will receive a notification if space becomes available and your child is next to receive a placement.    

If I withdraw my student from the Specialty Program School, will I be able to re-enroll? 
Any student who withdraws from school while participating in a specialty program forfeits their place in the program.

My address changed, what do I do now? 
School assignments are based on a parent/guardian’s legal residence in the county.  Depending on where you are in the lottery process, the answer varies

 Lottery Applicant
Before Lottery Application Deadline 
Update the address at the assigned neighborhood school. 
After Lottery Application Deadline 
Update the address at the assigned neighborhood school. Send a request in writing to Pupil Accounting and School Boundaries for the new address to be used for placement consideration.  If the new address is served by a different program location, the application will be added to the waitlist for the new location. 
 Newly Placed/Registered Students and Current Student
Less than one full year of attendance:
(includes newly placed/registered students) 
In-boundary: update address with school
Out-of-boundary: approval required from Pupil Accounting and School Boundaries-send request in writing to Pupil Accounting and School Boundaries for the student to remain in the program.   
More than one full year of attendance  No special permission is needed to enroll at the program school serving the new address.