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Application Timeline


Students must be county residents and have a valid Student Identification (ID) number in order to complete the lottery application. Applications will not be processed without this number. 

When completing an application, it is important to complete every section; failure to do so may hinder the processing of or completely void your application. 

IMPORTANT: If you submitted an online application last year (and have an existing family dashboard account), you will need to update your child's expected grade on the student profile page before you submit an application for the 2023-2024 school year.

Applications will be accepted until 5 pm on February 10. (TAG Program Applications will be accepted until 5 pm on March 15 and will have a different drawing/notification timeline that will be determined at a later date.)

The lottery drawing will be held in mid-March. 

Placement/waitlist notifications will be emailed to parents in late March/early April. Results will also be available in family dashboard accounts.

A waitlist will be established for those applications not placed in a Specialty Program/Charter School via the lottery. The wait lists are active until September 30, at which time it expires. Continuous updates will not be provided. Notifications will be made only when space becomes available.

Once the student is enrolled in a Specialty Program/Charter School, that student will not have to compete for his/her seat through the lottery for that program school again, if he/she remains enrolled.