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Minority Business Enterprise

MBE Bid Information

What does The MBE Program Provide?

  • Technical assistance workshops
  • Individual counseling
  • Participation in trades shows, procurement conferences and meetings to further expand the program’s initiatives
  • Referrals and research
  • Annual reports on the status of MBE participation

How does MBE Certification help my business?

  • Certification provides an opportunity to circulate your firms name to other agencies and firms seeking to do business with MBE certified firms.  It may offer a second chance to win a bid.  Any MBE currently certified by either Prince George’s County Government (PGCG) or Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), shall after sending a copy of the certification letter to the Minority Business Enterprise Coordinator and completing a vendor application, will be automatically placed on the roster of certified MBE's for Prince George's County Public Schools.

How do I become Certified?

What is the bidding procedure?

  • Purchases up to $5,999 require a verbal quote, no formal bid required.
  • Purchases from $6,001 to $24,999.99 require a minimum of 3 written quotes.
  • State Law requires a formal bid for all equipment and supply purchases $25,000 or grater.     

What is bonding assistance?

The following firms offer bonding assistance to qualified applicants.  Applications are available in the MBE Program office or by contacting the firms directly. Firms that offer bonding assistance are:

  • Dev Corp
  • MBE Services, Inc.
  • Morgan & Cheves Insurance
  • MSBDFA Management Group, Inc.
  • Willis Corron Corporation

When is Administrative Procedure 7419 used versus 3325?

Administrative Procedure 7419, is used with all state funded projects.  It has a minimum state goal of 14% and a PGCPS goal of 30% on all major construction projects. Administrative Procedure 3325  is used for contracts awarded using only county funds and may allow a certified MBE an opportunity to match to low bid.

Our Bid Notification Process is on line. We no longer mail bid packages directly to vendors.

  • Upcoming bid opportunities
  • Bids may also be obtained from the The Washington Examiner.
  • All Bids are posted in the Purchasing Office at:
        13300 Old Marlboro Pike, Room 20
        Upper Marlboro, Maryland on the Bid Board.
  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Office construction bids are advertised on: eMaryland Market Place -

MBE Information

Minority Businesses Enterprise (MBE) Qualification Criteria:

Any legal entity, other than a joint venture, that is at least 51 percent owned and controlled by one or more minority person(s), organized to engage in commercial transactions.  Minority person means a member of a socially or economically disadvantaged minority group which includes African American/Black (not of Hispanic origins), Asian American, Native American, Women, Hispanic, Physically and Mentally Disabled, and Non-profit organized to promote the interests of the physically or mentally disabled individuals and those that are accredited by the Department of Education, Division of Rehabilitation (DORS), as Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRP).


The MBE Program in Prince George’s County requires certification with the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), and the completion of a Vendor Application for placement on the Bid List at the PGCPS Procurement office.  MDOT may be reached at 1-800-544-6056.  To become a vendor you must have your certification letter from MDOT and a copy of the Vendor Application to apply with the Prince George’s County Board of Education.  Contact Prince George’s County Government Procurement Office to complete a Bidder’s Application at (301) 883-6400 or apply online at After Certification through MDOT or Prince George’s County Government, you will qualify for the Prince George’s County Public Schools “bonus point system”.   Prior to any formally bid solicitation these steps must be completed in order to be considered as a MBE for award.  Bonus Points are assigned to those certified MBEs that bid on the proposed solicitation to determine their eligibility to match the lowest responsive bid. Bonus points are applied as follows:

  • Prince George’s County based firms receive a 15% preference
  • Non Prince George’s County firms receive a 10% preference

Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Major construction and renovation projects are competitively bid through the CIP office and have MBE subcontracting goals based on the dollar amount and funding source of the contract.  Architectural and engineering service contracts are solicited annually and awarded through the CIP office.

Additional Information

For additional information about the MBE Program or upcoming events and contracting opportunities,
call one of the following:

  • Architectural/Engineering and Construction Projects: 301-952-6540
  • Director of Purchasing and Supply Services: 301-952-6560
  • Minority Business Program Information: 301-952-6560
  • Director of Planning and Architectural Services: 301-952-6548
  • Purchasing Office Fax: 301-952-6505

Additional Links

  • Maryland Department of Transportation: 800-544-6056
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority: 202-962-1082
  • PG County Supplier Development and Diversity Division (SDDD): 301-883-6480

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Outreach Program

Please check periodically for details of upcoming events.

The Minority Business Enterprise Coordinator develops programs designed to provide training and focusing on educational seminars/workshops. In the past some have included information on bonding, insurance and financing. These workshops are offered free to the participants and are held throughout the year.

The MBE coordinator participates in trade shows, procurement fairs and other outreach events to further expand the program's initiatives.

The MBE coordinator will have meetings weekly/monthly as required to assist vendors. Private vendor appointments are also available one day a week.  Please call to schedule a time convenient for you.