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Purchasing for PGCPS Employees

Visit the Purchasing Page on Staff Portal (PGCPS Login Required)

While in Staff Portal, you can access the following items:

Purchasing FAQs for PGCPS Employees

Do we have a listing of caterers on the website?

I saw a vendor in Oracle last year. Why can't I see it now?

  • When the vendor’s insurance has expired and a new certificate has not been received in Purchasing, Oracle automatically inactivates the vendor’s information until the new certificate of insurance is received. Please email for details.

I can't find a vendor in Oracle!

  • Vendors are very case sensitive - if you do not search exactly as they are set up in the system, it will show that a particular vendor is not in Oracle. The percent sign (%) is a great search tool to use, ei %word%. If you are still unable to find the vendor after trying all scenarios, call Purchasing for assistance(301-952-6560)

How do I know when to obtain quotes for requisitions?

  • A minimum of one (1) verbal quotation is required. Use of local and Minority vendors  is highly encouraged.
  • A minimum of three (3) verbal quotations are required on single or multiple “like items” totaling $5,000 to $14,999.99. At least one (1) quote should be obtained from a minority or locally-owned business. Such quotations shall be documented and sent to the Purchasing Department with your requisition 
  • A minimum of three (3) written quotations are required for single or multiple “like items” totaling $15,000 to $24,999.99. At least one (1) quote should be obtained from a minority or locally-owned business. Quotations can be solicited by School/Office site or Purchasing Department, if requested.
  • State Law requires a formal bid for ALL purchases and supplies $25,000 or greater.

How do I do a decrease or cancel a purchase order?

    • To change a price or remove an item on an existing PO: Enter a new requisition; In the item description field enter the change needed. Please note, that for auditing purposes items can't be substituted on the PO; In the note to buyer field also enter: change order for PO#(reference original PO)
    • To Cancel or Close a Purchase Order: Send an email request to ( include the purchase order number and reason for cancellation or closure. Make sure the vendor has been contacted before you request a cancellation to avoid shipment.

How do schools/offices find out if items are under contract?

  • A good rule of thumb is to always check the Oracle Shop Main Store first for any item. There are a lot of items under contract that are listed in the catalog. If it is not found in the catalog, you can then proceed to do a non-catalog order.

Can you give the purchase order number to the vendor over the phone to expedite the order without waiting for the formal purchase order copy?

  • NO. Copies of PO are emailed or mailed to the vendor from the Purchasing Department. The requisition is not a Purchase Order. It is a request to procure products or services.

When the vendor calls with a price change can we authorize the change over the phone so we can get our products?

  • NO. You must create a change order requisition in Oracle. When Purchasing makes the change on the PO it will be emailed or mailed to the vendor with the new information.

How do I obtain a vendors list from the PGCPS website?

  •  There are approximately 24,000 Vendors in Oracle, users must check the name of company through the Supplier Name category.

How do you unreceive on an order?

  • Log into Oracle SSP module, enter the PO number in the order number field and select Correct Receipts to unreceive.

How can I obtain a listing of the approved Commercial Bus Carriers?

  • Call the Purchasing Office and a list will be emailed directly to you.

How can I tell the difference between my Warehouse Orders and Purchase Orders?

  • All orders are put in by the requisition process. The difference between Warehouse Orders and Purchase Orders are the order numbers. Warehouse Orders have five digits (Ex: 45123) and Purchase Orders have six digits (Ex: 721978).

Why can’t I cancel my requisition?

  • Requisitions cannot be cancelled once an Order Number has been assigned. You will have to create a Change Order requisition in order for the Purchase Order and Requisition to be cancelled.

Can I create a requisition and have it shipped to a different location?

  • Yes. You will need to change the Deliver-To Location. This option is located on the Checkout: Requisition Information page.

Can you have multiple ship-to addresses for a requisition?

  • No. You will have to create a different PO for each location.

Who should I contact in Purchasing to find out information concerning current contracts?

  • Contact the Purchasing Department. Any Buyer or Clerk can provide the information. 

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