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Elementary Social Studies Program, Grades K - 5

Curricula Aligned Maryland State Standards


Students learn the basic concepts of community and how people live and work

First Grade

Students learn about America and expand their understanding of the purpose and function of government, including people who contributed to the political system, symbols related to the United States of America

Second Grade

Students continue to learn about government and how it maintains order and protects citizens

Third Grade

Students continue to learn about government and democratic principles such as individual rights and responsibilities, patriotism, justice and equality. Students expand their knowledge of how government works and how citizens participate in a democracy.

Fourth Grade

Students learn geography and people of Maryland past to present. Students learn about the political foundations of Maryland and research the contributions made by Marylanders. They explore the cultural characteristics and traditions of the various groups of people who inhabited the state.

Fifth Grade 

Students learn United States history from the early colonial period to 1790. Students examine the early development of democratic institutions and ideas, including the people and events that led to the independence of the original thirteen colonies and the formation of a national government under the United States Constitution.

Note: all Core K-5 Texts are on Clever