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Private, Religious, and Home School Students (Ages 5-21)

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My child attends a private/religious or parochial School in Prince Georges County and I suspect he/she has a disability, what should I do?

If you suspect your child may have a disability and would like to have him/her evaluated, please contact the Child Find office of Prince Georges County Public Schools for specific guidance around Registrant.

My child already has a PGCPS ID Number, does registration with the Child Find Office need to be completed?

Yes, as students must be enrolled under the Child Find Office School Code.

Does registration with the Child Find Office mean my student is enrolled with PGCPS?

No, registration attaches the student to the Child Find Office virtual school code. Students are only enrolled with PGCPS if registration is completed with boundary school.

I have completed registration with the Child Find Office, what happens next?

All registration and referral information collected by the Child Find Office will be sent to the boundary public school for an IEP meeting to be held within 30 days of receipt.

The boundary school determined to complete assessments, how long does that process take?

Special Education Teams have a 60 days from the date of consent to complete assessments and review assessment results for eligibility.

My student is homeschooled, are there services that can be provided at home if eligibility is determined?

No, PGCPS does not provide services to homeschool students.

My student attends a private school, are services provided by PGCPS at the private school?

Yes, PGCPS provides limited services to address speech/language articulation, voice or fluency and consultative vision services.

The IEP team has determined that my child is eligible for services as a child with an educational disability other than speech/language articulation-voice-fluency or vision, what will I need to do to have him/her receive services?

In order to receive services for needs associated with a disability other than speech and/or vision, your child will need to enroll in a boundary Prince Georges County Public School.