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Physical Therapy

1400 Nalley Terrace
Landover, MD 20785
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Jocelyn Newell, PT
Instructional Specialist


The Prince George’s County Public Schools Physical Therapy Program may provide services to children and students birth to twenty-one years old with physical disabilities that limit their ability to access their school environment or their educational program. The profession of physical therapy is built on the principles of preserving, developing, and promoting independent physical function.  Early intervention and school-based Physical Therapists (PT) use their unique expertise to facilitate the development of children’s abilities to access and participate in their natural environments and coach families/caregivers and school staff to further support the child’s progress. The primary goal of PT in public education is to enable children with disabilities to benefit from early interventi on services and special education instruction in the least restrictive environment This can be accomplished in multiple ways, including services to the child and on behalf of the child, such as support of the parent/teacher/caregiver and other team members working with the child. PT interventions, adaptations, and strategies are embedded when possible into the activities and routines within the child’s learning environment and focus on promoting functional mobility, positioning, and safe and efficient participation 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I think my child needs physical therapy services?

A referral may be made by a parent, teacher, or related service provider who suspects that a student may have a physical disability requiring the provision of physical therapy. The SIT team will review available information and contact the physical therapist assigned to their school or the Physical Therapy Instructional Specialist. The physical therapist will then gather pre-referral data and determine if a physical therapy consultation or assessment is warranted.

If your child is 0-3 years old, please contact the Early Childhood Office at 301-925-1985.
If your child is not yet school-aged, please contact the PGCPS Child Find Office at 301-925-6600.

How does school-based PT differ from community-based therapy?

A medical diagnosis or motor delay confirmed by evaluation results does not automatically indicate a need for school based therapy. There must also be an adverse impact on the student's performance or access to his/her education. School-based PT is not intended to replace community medical services, but is provided only when identified problem areas directly affect educational performance that indicates a child needs related service to benefit from special education. Many children can benefit from collaboration between school-based and community-based service providers.