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High-Quality & Diverse Teachers & Leaders

Pillar 2

Outcomes for Pillar 2:

  • Recruit and maintain a high-quality and diverse teaching staff
  • Increase rigor of teacher preparation programs and licensure requirements
  • Implement comprehensive in-service educator training
  • Establish new statewide educator career ladder and professional development system
  • Improve educator compensation

High-Quality Teachers and Leaders

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future intends to make teaching a high-status profession with increased salaries and enhanced professional development. The recruitment and professional development of teaching staff aims to better reflect the racial and ethnic makeup of the student population. Further, the introduction of a performance-based career ladder encourages classroom teachers to continue their passion for teaching while also providing opportunities to take on leadership roles within their school.

Teachers are highly encouraged to pursue National Board certification. Increased opportunities to attain this certification are available but not required. 

Salary increases include a minimum starting salary of $60,000 beginning in July 2026 with an effort to ensure PGCPS teachers are paid comparable wages to similar educated professionals.   

Teacher Preparation

The state of Maryland will increase the quality and requirements for successful completion of teacher preparation programs with enhanced curricula that includes a full year clinical experience designed to improve professional practice and student performance.

Leadership Preparation

School leaders at the state, district, and school levels will be prepared with vision, skills, and knowledge to manage high-performing schools. School-based administrators will have opportunities to attain National Board certification.