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Counselor-Related Administrative Procedures

School Counselors utilize a plethora of administrative procedures while providing adequate services to students and parents towards school success. 

Administrative Procedures Related to Professional School Counselors 

2950 - Procedures for Crisis Response

4104 - Roles and Responsibilities of the Professional School Counselor

5010 - Homeless Children and Youth-School Access and Services see attachments

5051 - Admission of Secondary Students to Croom and Tall Oaks Vocational High Schools 

5111.2 - Admission of Students from Non-Approved or Non-Accredited Schools Grades 9 to 12

5112 - Registration and Withdrawal; and Transfer of Foreign Exchange Students

5113 - Student Attendance, Absence and Truancy  See: (en Espanol)(francais);  (Attachment 1)(Francaise 1)(Ver Anexo 1)

5119 - Educational Programs/Services for Pregnant Girls  See Attachment

5121.1 - Grading and Reporting for Elementary Schools, Early Childhood Through Grade Five

5121.2 - Grading and Reporting for Middle Schools, Grade Six Through Grade Eight

5121.3 - Grading and Reporting for High Schools, Grade Nine Through Grade Twelve

5124 - Student Intervention Team (SIT) and Student Support Team (SST)

5130 - Personal Education Plan (The PEP)  See Attachment  (en Espanol) (Ver Anexo 1)

5143 - Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation See Attachment 1 (Ver Anexo 1); See Attachment 2; See Attachment 3(français 1); (français 2) ; (français 3)

5145 - Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect  See (Attachment)

5146- Procedural Guidelines for Students Disabled Under Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act of 1973  Attachment(en Espanol)(Ver Anexo)  

See the Prince George's County Public Schools Administrative Procedures to review.