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Personal Education Plan

  • Do you have a "plan" that will help your child achieve his/her dreams?
  • Does your "plan" provide enrichment activities for your child?
  • Does your "plan" support your child's strengths, talents and interests?
  • Prince George's County Public School has just the right "plan" for you and your child!!!!!

What is a Personal Education Plan (PEP)?

It is an online planning tool that will help students and parents/guardians plan, with the school counselor, for high school graduation and college and career readiness. It encourages critical thinking about future planning, connects the student's strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes to careers. 

What is the benefit of the PEP?

Both the ongoing conversations that the student and parent have with the school counselor and the electronic record of these discussions encourage serious thinking about future planning. This provide a forum in which families can express their goals for their children and helps them access resources for future planning. The PEP follows students through elementary school. In collaboration with student, school counselors can review, build upon and modify students'responses from previous years and align students' career interests and academic progress with appropriate programs.

When will my child and I participate in developing the PEP?

The PEP is mandatory for grades 1 and 4. Students enrolled in these grades will have a one-on-one PEP talk with their school counselor to develop the online Personal Education Plan. Students new to Prince George’s County Public Schools and students re-entering school after a suspension should also participate in a PEP talk with the counselor in order to establish a plan of focus.

For more information please contact your child’s school counselor and schedule your PEP talk today!