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Service Learning Requirements

Graduation requirements related to student service-learning or community service based learning required by the State of Maryland to receive a high school diploma are included in AP 6150 - Educational Requirements and Options in Secondary Schools and AP 6151 - Student Service-Learning Graduation Guidelines.

Excerpts from Administrative Procedure 6151 - Student Service-Learning Graduation Guidelines


The Maryland State Board of Education mandates Service-Learning participation as a graduation requirement. Students must complete either: (1) seventy-five (75) hours of student service that includes preparation, action, and reflection components, which may begin during the middle grades; or (2) a locally-designed program in student service that has been approved by the State Superintendent of Schools.

All public school students must meet the graduation requirement, including students with disabilities, unless exceptions are specifically noted in their individual education plans (IEPs).

Locally-Designed Program

The state approved service-learning graduation requirement for students is twofold: (1) 51 infused curriculum hours in grades 5-9 Science, grades 6-10 Social Studies, and (2) 24 independent hours of service (direct, indirect, or advocacy).