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Meaningful Family & Community Engagement

All voices and communities have a stake in the future of Prince George’s County Public Schools. Transparency and collaboration will be the cornerstones of our relationships with all stakeholders, ensuring that everyone has a voice in shaping the future of our district and inviting those to our table who may not have always had a seat. 

It is important for me to see teaching and learning in action. Over the next 90 days, I look forward to personally visiting multiple schools within each of the nine board member districts to authentically witness and engage in the experiences and environments of our most important assets — our students.

I will also organize community listening sessions and small group meetings with key stakeholder groups. Our labor partners play a critical role in ensuring that our district employs the most effective staff to keep our classrooms, buildings and facilities properly supported. I am committed to meeting with our labor partners, engaging our employees and listening to families and community members through a series of town hall meetings. 

In the first 90 days, we will:

  • Visit multiple schools each week to make connections with students, staff, families and volunteers.
  • Hold five community listening sessions this fall, including three in-person forums, a virtual event and a gathering for Spanish-speaking families.
  • Meet with key stakeholders including parent organizations, civic associations, faith-based leaders, higher education, business and philanthropic partners.
  • Host introductory meeting with newsroom leaders and editorial board members to reinforce commitment to timely and accurate communication.
  • Survey employees, students and families on their experiences.
  • Launch monthly meetings with labor partners and PGCPS leadership to engage in problem solving, idea exchanges and strategizing.
  • Meet with educators and school leaders to learn more about their experiences and goals for the academic year.
  • Hold focus group meetings with students.
  • Improve internal communications through enhanced staff website portal and town hall meetings.
  • Increase outreach to PGCPS community with new communications tools.