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Internal Assessment

The Internal Assessment staff produces locally developed and district assessments to guide and monitor instruction in the major core content areas, ESOL, and other selected areas. The Internal Assessment staff supports Curriculum & Instruction and other central offices with creating and administering Benchmarks, Local Assessments, and managing the non-accredited testing program for students. The Internal Assessment staff supports the use and management of the PGCPS Pearson Access Platform used for assessment administration, scoring, and reporting in the school district.


Develop fair, reliable, and valid assessments that measure student learning and provide consultations, professional development, and related assessment services including oversight of the online, paper test, and scanning platform used by the district (Pearson Access).

Major Responsibilities 

Support the creation and management of internal assessments used in the school district. 
Support Curriculum & Instruction and other central offices with the implementation of Benchmarks and Local Assessments.
Support the production of locally developed tests to determine student achievement in the areas tested by state assessments.

Support the administration of the TAP (Tests of Achievement and Proficiency)Testing Program used for testing of non-accredited students. 


To build the capacity of staff and customers to develop assessments, implement testing procedures, and use data effectively to improve student achievement.

Contact Information

Phone: 301-702-3860 

Andrew Pruski
Supervisor of Internal Assessment
Christopher Gardy
Test Development Specialist
Stephen Isler
Test Development Specialist
Lisa Cooper
Copy Editor II
Terrie Proctor
Test Development Technician
Warren Jones
Administrative Testing Control Clerk