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Program Overview

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 In Prince George’s County twelve (12) languages are offered.  They are French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Latin, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and American Sign Language.  Students may take four levels in eight languages, up to seven levels in French and Spanish, and five levels in German, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Latin, and Russian.  Advanced Placement may be offered in all high schools.

         The modern foreign language program is committed to objectives that develop communication skills.  Teachers focus on the Foreign Language National Standards aligned with Common Core, the 5 C’s: Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons and Communities, and Literacy.  Grammatical concepts and vocabulary are taught in the context of real life situations as students develop accuracy in communicating.  Students are also made aware of the career possibilities open to persons in many fields if they have knowledge and skills in a foreign language.  Students are encouraged to speak the target language from the beginning through many student-centered activities.

         In addition, special strategies are included in the curriculum framework to support the Maryland State Assessment Program.


The Latin program in middle and  high school aims to help students acquire a reading knowledge of Latin, an appreciation for ancient Roman, and Greek cultures and history, and to understand the history of the many English words derived from Latin and Greek.


 ICAL (International Culture and Language Program) is designed to introduce students to various languages and cultures, especially Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian,  and Japanese languages and cultures.  In addition, the history and development of languages are also studied and English/Reading skills are reinforced as part of the total course.            

 Level 1 and 2 Spanish, French, Chinese, and Italian are available in most middle schools.  Level 3 is offered in a few middle schools.

Elementary World Languages Programs

World Languages Elementary Programs

  • Spanish FLES K-5 -  Barack Obama ES, John Hanson Montessori,Judith P. Hoyer Montessori, Melwood ES, Montpelier ES,Oaklands ES, Patuxent ES, Roberts Goddard Montessori, Rosaryville ES, and Tulip Grove ES.
  • Spanish for Native Speakers- Mary Harris Jones ES
  • Chinese Elementary- Ardmore ES and Berwyn Heights ES
  • Italian Elementary- Fort Foote ES, University Park ES, and Northview ES
  • Russian Elementary- Greenbelt ES
  • Spanish - 3 Montessori K-8/ Judith P. Hoyer Montessori, John Hanson Montessori, and Robert Goddard Montessori
  • Spanish/French and six units of different languages in 7 TAG schools Accokeek Academy, Capitol Heights ES, Glenarden Woods ES, Heather Hills ES, Longfields ES, Mattaponi ES, and Valley View ES.
    • Classes:
      • Grade 2 – French and Japanese
      • Grade 3 – Italian and Chinese
      • Grade 4 – Spanish & Russian
      • Grade 5 – Spanish, French, and Japanese ICAL


Middle School World Languages Programs

Middle School World Languages

  • Intro to German - Dwight D. Eisenhower MS
  • Intro to Korean – Greenbelt MS, Kenmoor MS
  • Intro to Russian/Russian- Greenbelt MS, and Dora Kennedy French Immersion, K-8
  • Italian – Maya Angelou French Immersion K-8, Samuel Ogle MS, Benjamin Tasker MS, Hyattsville MS, Oxon Hill MS, Greenbelt MS, and Thomas Johnson MS  
  • Chinese- Dwight D. Eisenhower MS, Walker Mill Middle School, Kenmoor Middle School, Kettering MS, and Greenbelt Middle School    
  • Intro to French - Nicholas Orem MS, James Madison MS, Greenbelt MS, G. James Gholson MS, and Dwight D. Eisenhower MS
  • Intro to Spanish - All Schools 

High School World Languages Programs

High School World Languages

High School French Spanish Latin German Russian Italian Japanese ASL Chinese Arabic Korean Portuguese
Academic of Health Sciences at PGCC   x             x      
Annapolis Road Academy Alternative HS   x                    
Bladensburg HS x x                    
Bowie HS x x     x x x          
Central HS x x     x x            
Charles Herbert Flowers HS x x             x      
Croom HS   x                    
Croosland HS x x                    
Dr. Henry Wise jr. HS x x                    
DuVal HS x x       x   x        
Eleanor Roosevelt HS x x x     x x x     x  
Fairmont HS x x                    
Fredrick Douglass HS x x                    
Friendly HS   x                    
Gwynn Park HS x x                    
High Point HS x x x                  
International HS at Langley Park   x                    
International HS at Largo   x       x            
Largo HS x x                    
Laurel HS x x   x                
Northwestern HS x x       x x          
PGCPS Online Campus   x                    
Oxon Hill HS x x       x x          
Parkdale HS x x       x x x x x    
Potomac HS   x                    
Suitland HS x x             x      
Surrattsville HS   x                    
Tall Oaks Vocational HS   x                    
Total 18 28 2 1 2 8 5 3 4 1 1 0

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