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Preschool students with teacher

Entrance into a prekindergarten program is determined by age, income and school eligibility. The prekindergarten program will provide a full-day session following the boundary school bell time. Class size is limited to 20 students.

Steps to Register for Prekindergarten

Step 1: Eligibility

Families may apply for prekindergarten for the 2024-2025 school year if your child is four years old by September 1, 2024 and meets any of the following criteria: 

  • meets the income eligibility guidelines
  • registered with the McKinney Vento Program (homeless)
  • demonstrates developmental delays or is at risk for developmental delays as identified by an IEP placement

*Over-income families will be placed on a waitlist and considered for a seat based on space availability beginning in September 2024; the exact date is to be determined.*

Step 2: Determine which sites are available according to household income (both parents, if applicable) and school eligibility (space and location).

Eligible families will be provided the opportunity to enroll their child in the Maryland Prekindergarten Program and choose from several different settings. Prekindergarten for four year olds in Prince George's County will be available in PGCPS schools and in private child care provider settings. 


Full-day prekindergarten PGCPS sites accepting household incomes up to 300% of the federal poverty income guidelines for families living within the school boundary. 
*Over-income families will be placed on a waitlist and considered for a seat based on space availability beginning in September 2024; the exact date is to be determined.*

Find out your boundary school

  • Adelphi Elementary
  • Allenwood Elementary
  • Andrew Jackson Academy
  • Apple Grove Elementary
  • Ardmore Elementary
  • Arrowhead Elementary
  • Avalon Elementary
  • Baden Elementary
  • Barack Obama Elementary
  • Barnaby Manor Elementary
  • Beacon Heights Elementary
  • Beltsville Academy
  • Bladensburg Elementary
  • Bradbury Heights Elementary
  • Calverton Elementary
  • Capitol Heights Elementary
  • Carmody Hills Elementary
  • Carole Highlands Elementary
  • Carrollton Elementary
  • Catherine T. Reed Elementary
  • Chapel Forge ECC
  • Cherokee Lane Elementary
  • Chillum Elementary
  • Clinton Grove Elementary
  • Columbia Park Elementary
  • Concord Elementary
  • Cool Spring Elementary
  • Cooper Lane Elementary
  • Cora Rice Elementary
  • Deerfield Run Elementary
  • District Heights Elementary
  • Dodge Park Elementary
  • Doswell E. Brooks Elementary
  • Edward M. Felegy Elementary
  • Flintstone Elementary
  • Forest Heights Elementary
  • Fort Foote Elementary
  • Fort Washington Forest Elementary
  • Francis Scott Key Elementary
  • Francis T. Evans Elementary
  • Frances Fuchs ECC
  • Gaywood Elementary
  • Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary
  • Glenridge Elementary
  • Greenbelt Elementary
  • Highland Park Elementary
  • Hillcrest Heights Elementary
  • Hollywood Elementary
  • H. Winship Wheatley ECC
  • Hyattsville Elementary
  • Indian Queen Elementary
  • James H. Harrison Elementary
  • James McHenry Elementary
  • James R. Randall ECC
  • J. Frank Dent Elementary
  • John H. Bayne Elementary
  • Judge S. Woods Elementary
  • Kenmoor ECC
  • Kettering Elementary
  • Kingsford Elementary
  • Lake Arbor Elementary
  • Laurel Elementary
  • Lamont Elementary
  • Langley Park - McCormick Elementary
  • Lewisdale Elementary
  • Longfields Elementary
  • Magnolia Elementary
  • Marlton Elementary
  • Mary Harris "Mother" Jones Elementary
  • Montpelier Elementary
  • Mount Rainer Elementary
  • North Forestville Elementary
  • Northview Elementary
  • Oaklands Elementary
  • Overlook Spanish Immersion
  • Oxon Hill Elementary
  • Paint Branch Elementary
  • Panorama Elementary
  • Patuxent Elementary
  • Port Towns Elementary
  • Potomac Landing Elementary
  • Princeton Elementary
  • Ridgecrest Elementary
  • Riverdale Elementary
  • Robert Gray Elementary
  • Rockledge Elementary
  • Rogers Heights Elementary
  • Rose Valley Elementary
  • Rosa L. Parks Elementary
  • Rosaryville Elementary
  • Samuel Chase Elementary
  • Samuel P. Massie Elementary
  • Scotchtown Hills Elementary
  • Seabrook Elementary
  • Seat Pleasant Elementary
  • Springhill Lake Elementary 
  • Suitland Elementary
  • Tayac Elementary
  • Templeton Elementary
  • Thomas S. Stone Elementary
  • University Park Elementary
  • Valley View Elementary
  • Vansville Elementary
  • Waldon Woods Elementary
  • William Beanes Elementary
  • William Paca Elementary
  • William W. Hall Academy
  • Woodmore Elementary
  • Woodridge Elementary

Community Based Programs

Parents may also choose a child care program through LOCATE: Child Care, A free and confidential referral service that helps families find the best child care program to meet their needs: LOCATE: Child Care

Step 3: Required Documents

All parents registering in Prince George’s County Public Schools must have the following:

Additional documentation may be required depending on individual circumstances including students who do not reside with their parents , students who previously attended school, and students not enrolling in their neighborhood school.

Documentation Details

A. Government Issued Photo Identification for the parent/legal guardian.

The ID must match the name on the birth certificate/guardianship papers. Presentation of photo ID does not qualify as proof of residence.

B. Original Proof of Birth for the Student with seal and parents name listed.

  • Birth Certificate/Live Certificate of Birth
  • Hospital Certificate
  • Physician’s Certificate
  • Baptismal or Church Certificate
  • Passport / Visa (ONLY if the student first reported to and was approved by the International Student Counseling Office (ISCO) at 301-445-8460.)

C. Letter of Approval for Informal Kinship Care/Waiver of Tuition (if applicable)

If a student is not residing with their parent/legal guardian, that individual must either pay tuition to attend school, obtain legal court-appointed guardianship, or apply for a tuition waiver/kinship care arrangement.  (Issued by the Office of Pupil Accounting at 301-952-6302.) A child may not be registered on a notarized statement giving guardianship. 

D. Health-Related Documents

Immunization record -The immunizations required before children can be admitted to school are diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough – for children through age 6), tetanus, polio, rubeola (measles), rubella (3-day measles), mumps, and children in preschool through grade 10 must have varicella (chickenpox) and hepatitis B vaccines.

Regulations are as follows:

  1. Require two doses of rubeola (measles) vaccine for kindergarten – twelfth-grade students, with both doses given on or after the first birthday and separated by at least 30 days. One dose, given after the first birthday, is required for prekindergarten students;
  2. Require one dose of mumps, rubella, and varicella vaccines given on or after the first birthday. Physician documented history of chickenpox disease is acceptable in lieu of vaccination;
  3. Require Haemophilus influenza (HIB) and Prevnar (PCV7) vaccines for children in preschool programs.

Physical Examination - A physical examination is recommended for each child entering the Maryland Public School System for the first time. The examination must be performed within the period of nine months before school entry to six months after entry. The form is available at each school or can be accessed from the Office of School Health page.

Lead Screening Certificate -All newly enrolled students in prekindergarten through first grade must submit a form DHMH 4620 documenting that:

  1. Blood lead testing was done; OR
  2. The child has never lived in a targeted ZIP Code; OR
  3. The parent has a religious objection to the testing

The documented tests should be at 12 months and 24 months of age. Two test results are required if the first test was done prior to 24 months of age. If the first test is done after 24 months of age, one test result is required. If there is a religious objection to the blood test, a Lead Risk Assessment must be administered by a health care provider. The form is available at each school or can be accessed from the School Health page.

E. Proof of Residency

Prince George’s County Public Schools reserves the right to investigate residency at any time without notification or consent whenever the authenticity of proofs are in question.  Falsification or misrepresentation of residency documents is considered fraud and may result in sanctions, including the charging of back tuition, the immediate withdrawal of the student from the school system with no credits awarded, and the pursuit of criminal and civil charges.

Parents must notify their child’s school when their home address changes and provide proof of their new residence. If families move out of Prince George’s County, children are no longer eligible to attend Prince George’s County Public Schools and will be withdrawn. If families move out of the current school’s attendance area, children are no longer eligible to attend the school and will be withdrawn.

Proof of residence may be established by a combination of the following documents:

Primary Proof of Residency

  • Settlement papers
  • Lease/rental agreement*
  • Deed of property
  • Current mortgage statement
  • Current tax assessment bill.  

All documents must be originals.  Settlement papers and lease/rental agreements must be signed and dated by all parties. 

*Private party leases must be notarized by the landlord or a notarized letter from the landlord must be provided with the original lease. 

If there are concerns about the residence, if the original term of the lease has expired, or if the ownership information is more than one year old, two additional documents of recent mail (listed below) will be required.

All additional documents must be originals, not copies.  These documents must be delivered by US Postal mail and may include the following:

Secondary Proof of Residency

  • non-cell phone bill
  • utility bill
  • credit card statement
  • bank statement
  • Mail from government agencies for official correspondence (excluding PGCPS)
  • Hospital bill
  • Auto, home, or health insurance policies

Copies of on-line documents are not acceptable as proof of residence with the exception of an electronic commercial lease accompanied by an original letter from the property manager.

For married couples where one spouse is the sole property owner/lessee, the property ownership/lessee documentation along with a marriage certificate and official mail of the registering spouse can be used for registration.

If you are unable to provide two proofs of residency in your name or are currently building/purchasing a home and moving into Prince George’s County prior to the end of the first quarter, contact the Office of Pupil Accounting at 301-952-6300.

Shared Housing Affidavit (if applicable)

If the family is living in the residence of a relative or a friend, a notarized Shared Housing Affidavit (Declaración Jurada de Residencia Compartida), signed by both parties detailing the living arrangement, is required.

Parents should be advised that the school system reserves the right to monitor this type of proof periodically or as needed. The documents must be originals, not copies.

NOTE: A notarized Shared Housing Affidavit should only be used when the parent/guardian and the student are living with relatives or friends and is completed on an annual basis.  Additional items including recent mail may be required if there are concerns regarding the proof of residence, if the original term of the lease has expired, or if the ownership information of the relative/friends more than one-year-old.

F. Proof of Income

The following proof of income is required from all parents in the household:

  • If currently employed, two (bi-weekly) current pay stubs or four (weekly) current pay stubs.

Additional documents that may be accepted:

  • Current Tax Return Transcript (Self Employed Only)
  • Child Support Letter
  • Unemployment Stubs/Letter
  • Notarized letter from person assisting parent with the amount and how often given
  • Notarized salary letter on company letterhead
  • Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Step 4: Apply for Prekindergarten

Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS) online/in-person registration for the 2024-2025 school year will begin April 2 through June 1, 2024. Online enrollment will not be available after June 1 due to implementation of a new student information system.

Apply for Prekindergarten Online

Online How-To Videos:


visit your boundary school  to complete an application in-person.