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Reconnect PGCPS: 2021-22 Learning Options

Fall Learning at-a-Glance

Full-Time, In-Person Learning (All Grades)

  • Available to all students, prekindergarten through 12th grade
  • Five days a week, regular school schedule

Fall Virtual Learning Program (Grades K-6)

  • Limited seats available for students who want to continue with virtual learning. 
  • Program will be discontinued once the vaccine is available for students in these grade levels.
  • Application required; waitlist applications due Aug. 20.
  • Adheres to regular elementary and middle school schedules
  • Students may be assigned to virtual teachers not from their school. 
  • Families will have the opportunity to return for in-person instruction at the end of the first semester in January. 

Online Campus (Grades 7-12)

  • New PGCPS specialty program, enrolling a total of 700 students 
  • Designed for students who thrive in an online learning environment 
  • Combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction, focusing on the core content areas with limited elective course offerings
  • Application required; waitlist applications due Aug. 17 

2021-22 Learning Options