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External Research Application Review

Requests to conduct research in the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) require authorization from the Department of Research & Evaluation before implementation. The authorization process includes a detailed review of the proposed study design to assure conformance with the policies and procedures for research in our school system. Projects are also rated for merit and contribution to PGCPS and/or the research field by staff familiar with the proposed study content.

See below for links to additional information. The links require careful consideration. Administrative Procedure 4131.34 details the School Board’s policy on research studies. The link to the online application is also below. The Department of Research and Evaluation typically processes research requests in approximately six weeks. Only applications for the current school year are reviewed. During that time you may be asked to clarify procedural issues.

Prior to submitting an application to conduct research make sure you have the following documents:

  1. Complete proposal – full/detailed description of the proposed research to include a problem statement, research purpose, literature review, methods/procedures, and limitations; for thesis/dissertation proposals this is typically the first three chapters;
  2. Proposal summary – synopsis (2-5 pages) of the proposed research to include a problem statement, research purpose, methods/procedures, and benefits to PGCPS;
  3. Consent/assent forms/letters – if human subjects are involved in the proposed research;
  4. All data gathering instruments – surveys, questionnaires, protocols for interviews, focus groups, and observations (if instruments are not developed by the applicant, evidence that the applicant can use them);
  5. Evidence of approval for thesis proposal (if applying for thesis/dissertation research) – Sufficient evidence includes a document signed by a committee member(s) or another departmental administrator attesting to the fact that the graduate student’s dissertation proposal has been approved. Alternatively, a form or letter describing the completion of other processes that are equivalent to establishing this pre-doctoral status signed by an advisor or committee chairperson would suffice;
  6. Evidence of IRB approval;
  7. Evidence of Supervisor’s Acknowledgement (if employed by PGCPS) to be submitted via the online application;
  8. Other related documents (e.g., recruitment materials)

We do not accept external research requests between May 1 and June 30.  Please submit your requests prior or after this period.

Please contact us at 301-780-6807 or with related questions.