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Uniform Policy



Mandatory Uniform Policy

Uniform dress will be required to be worn by all students.  All uniforms must be neat and clean.  Students should take pride in their appearance.  Hair must be completely groomed prior to arrival at school.  If a student is out of uniform, he/she will be sent to the main office or parent liaison office.  A parent or guardian will be required to bring the appropriate attire to the school for the student.  Violations to the dress code will result in school disciplinary action. The school uniform program will accommodate students’ religious expression.



Items listed here are in compliance with the mandatory uniform policy.  The policy is for all students. 

Dress Violations

Items listed here are violations of the uniform policy.  Repeated violations will be addressed.  The policy is for students.




Solid red, polo-style short or long sleeved shirt with two or three clear, appropriate buttons.  Student’s tops must be tucked in securely.

Black/Navy blue front button down sweaters.

All sweaters must be worn over the uniform shirt.



No sleeveless tops, fish net, crop tops, V-necks, halters, undershirts, and tee shirts are not allowed.

May not fall past the waist

Tops may not have a hood, zipper, designs, logos, characters, names or numbers of any size.


Light khaki brown for all students

Worn during fall/winter months

The cuffs of your pants should touch the tops of your fully enclosed shoes.

Uniform pants are to be worn securely around the waist with a belt securely through loops.

Light khaki brown shorts for students may be worn during spring/summer months. Shorts MUST be knee length.


May not fall below the waist, be baggy or sag, and may not contain designer insignia, characters, names or numbers of any size.

Rubber bands and bandanas are not allowed on any part of your pants.

Pants may not be rolled up or tucked into shoes or boots.


Students may wear rubber sole shoes, tennis shoes or boots.


No sandals, flipflops or CROCS -NO EXCEPTIONS

Dress for Success!!!