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Uniform Policy

After a majority vote, Capitol Heights E.S. adopted a Mandatory School Dress Code Policy, which started on the first day of school in August 2002. As a result of this action, all students are expected to comply with this dress code during school and school-related activities.*

In an effort to be certain that all students and parents are aware of this dress code, our school wants to share it with you. Please review the following Student Dress Code carefully with your child/children to assure that they too are aware of its contents.

* A student exempted in writing from wearing a school uniform for religious reasons may remain in his/her school or be reassigned to another school. (Board of Education Policy No. 0600 V.C)


Solid white or light blue collared shirts, i.e., polo shirts, turtle neck shirts, or dress shirts with either long or short sleeves.

Solid navy blue "V" neck, crew neck, or cardigan sweaters may be worn over the above shirts.

No logo, such as (Guess, FUBU, Nike, etc.) except for the school logo may appear on all shirts or sweaters.


Slacks shall be solid, navy blue, khaki-styled such as Dockers or uniform pants. If the slacks have belt loops, a belt shall be worn. Slacks should be hemmed, but may have cuffs.

Properly fitting navy blue skirts, culottes, and jumpers must be below fingertip length. Shorts or skorts may be worn but must be below fingertip length. These items must be properly hemmed.

All shirts shall be worn tucked into the bottoms with a waistband or belt visible.

Spandex, denim, nylon, or sweat pants are not permitted.


Shoelaces must be tied at all times. Non-marking, soft-soled or tennis shoes with soles and heels no more than two inches high, are acceptable if neat.

Western style boots, construction shoes (Timberlands), sandals, or open-toed shoes are not to be worn. Snow boots may be worn only on snowy days provided the child could change into appropriate shoes once at school.


White, blue, or black socks or hosiery must be worn at all times.


Hats, sweat bands, bandannas, or other head apparel is not to be worn in the building, except for religious or medical reasons.


Excessive or distracting jewelry, chains, or other adornments (body piercing, tattoos, etc.) are not allowed.