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Optimal Learning Agreement

Expectations for Optimal Learning


I want my child to achieve.  Therefore, I shall strive to:

  • See that my child is punctual and strives for 100% attendance, and contact the school if my child is absent.
  • Support the school in its efforts to maintain proper discipline. Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook
  • Ensure my child wears their uniform daily.
  • Establish a time and place for homework and check the work nightly.
  • Talk with my child about his/her school activities every day.
  • Attend conferences, look at school work, and monitor my child’s progress through SchoolMax Family Portal.
  • Limit my child’s TV/Computer time and help select worthwhile programs.
  • Adhere to all expectations listed in the Code of Conduct for Families, Volunteers, and Visitors.


It is important that students achieve.  Therefore, I shall strive to:

  • Provide homework assignments for students a minimum of Monday through Thursday.
  • Encourage students and parents by providing information about student progress and the instructional program monthly.
  • Provide motivating authentic learning experiences in my classroom.
  • Explain my behavioral and academic expectations, instructional goals, and grading system to students and parents.
  • Provide students and parents with graded papers and update grades in SchoolMax on a weekly basis
  • Provide written feedback to students to improve their academic performance.


It is important that I work to the best of my ability; Therefore, I shall strive to:

  • Work to achieve 100% attendance.
  • Wear my uniform daily or follow the Prince George’s County Public Schools Dress Code.
  • Come to school each day with pens, pencils, paper, a charged PGCPS technological device, and other necessary tools for learning.
  • Work as hard as I can on my school assignments and complete all independent activities.
  • Follow the Student Rights and Responsibility Handbook.


It is important that all students achieve.  Therefore I shall strive to:

  • Create a welcoming, safe, and orderly environment for students and parents.
  • Communicate to students and parents the school’s mission and goals.
  • Reinforce the partnership between parents, students, and staff.
  • Act as the instructional leader by supporting teachers in their classrooms.
  • Provide appropriate staff development and training for teachers and parents.

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Flintstone Elementary School Student Handbook Parent Acknowledgement page:

Student Name _____________________________________________________ Teacher ___________________ Grade________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________________ Date:___________________________________

* My signature is an acknowledgement that I have read this entire handbook and I am aware of the policies and procedures outlined in its content.