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Skies Above Prince George's County

Taking a few minutes outside?  Want to know what to look for in the night sky this week? Join Planetarium Patty from HBOSC as she shares a few of the nightly and early morning wonders to check out in the sky over Prince George's County.

May 2024- Part 2- Solar Eclipse

Please add: Here at T plus One Month from the total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024, Planetarium Patty has finally shared her reflections from the experience. The 6 minute, 15 second video shares images from multiple viewing sites in the US, told through Patty's experience in the form of a poem. Use this video to reflect upon your OWN eclipse experience!

April 2024: Part 1- Solar Eclipse

Due to the exciting Great American Eclipse on April 8, 2024, there will be  TWO editions of the Skies Above P.G. County! Part 1 provides a little information about the eclipse as viewed from P.G. County. We will not be experiencing totality; that is reserved to a narrow band across parts of Texas through parts of New York State (map shown in the video). However, Prince George's Coutny will experience about 87% of the Sun covered, which will be amazing, ONLY IF viewed SAFELY! With this in mind, the video provides information about how to SAFELY view this eclipse, and when to do so. For Part 2, I "Planetarium Patty" will  share her eclipse experience from Dallas,Texas.

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