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Uniform Policy

Uniforms are mandatory: 

  • NFES colors are blue and white. 
  • Boys wear a white or light blue long or short sleeve button down shirt or white or light blue polo shirt and navy blue trouser pants. 
  • Girls wear a white or light blue blouse or a white or light blue polo shirt and a navy blue jumper or skirt. Jumpers, skirts, and shorts should be approximately six inches below the buttocks and no shorter than fingertip level. Girls wear navy blue or white socks or tights. 
  • Blue or white sweaters, jackets, and hoodies only.
  • All shirts are to be tucked in
  • All students are encouraged to wear black belts. 
  • All students must wear a solid black shoe or sneaker. Footwear should not have flashing lights, wheels, logos, or brightly colored laces. 
  • Students are not permitted to wear t-shirts, leggings, denim, stretch pants, cargo pants, jeans or hoodies.
  • Jewelry worn should be limited to a watch and small hoops or stud earrings. 
  • Parents who disagree with the adopted mandatory uniform policy may opt-out of participation and the student will be reassigned through established procedures to another school. Transportation will not be provided.