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Chinese Immersion

Our Chinese Immersion Program

In our Chinese immersion program, we use our target language, Chinese, to provide instruction of content in a variety of subjects that include math, Chinese, and science. We provide 50/50 bilingual program model helps students to build academic language in Chinese and English starting from kindergarten level to sixth grade. Students acquire the language in an environment where they explore and apply different academic concepts using the target language. Our vision and goal is prepare our students with bilingual, biliterate and bicultural background to become caring and globally responsible citizens in the future.

Why Immersion?

We do believe to build an ability to use one more language will open another door and get more career opportunities for our kids. Children are sponges at earlier ages, young children simply absorb an incredible amount of information at a fairly quick pace. People all know that when learning a new language, "the earlier, the better." In an immersion setting, students acquire a language in a natural way while learning different concepts. An immersion school exposes children to the target language and culture they may not regularly encounter on a day-to-day basis. An immersion school is just like a great resource center that provides all the learning resources which might not that easy to receive but useful in daily life. Besides, research covering more than 40 years of language immersion instruction shows that children who receive a variety of cognitive benefits such as mental flexibility, nonverbal problem-solving abilities, and enhanced critical thinking skills.

How can I support my child at home if I don't know Chinese?

There's no problem to just support your child in the language you feel comfortable with. You can always show your support when your child wants to share what he or she learned in school. Let your child to be your Chinese teacher sometimes is alway fun. Child also enforce their learning motivation by this way. There are many video sources online which you can play for your child to concrete his or her language ability. In addition, you can take your child to explore the Chinese culture within our local communities, such as Chinese supermarkets, or Chinese restaurants. If you have any question about your child's homeworks , please contact your child's Chinese teacher via Classdojo or email. All the Chinese teacher would be very glad to help.