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Arrival and Dismissal

Student Arrival: At 7:25 a.m., students arriving by bus, personal vehicle, van, or walking are permitted to enter Perrywood Elementary. We are requesting for all parents in the drop off lanes to stay inside their vehicles. If you park, you may walk your child to the entrance of the building.

  • Students who are in K or 1st grade will enter at the south entrance of the
  • Students who are in 2nd or 3rd grade will enter through the second south entrance
  • Students who are in 4th or 5th grade will enter through the main entrance

At 7:45 a.m., all students arriving by bus, private vehicle, van, and walkers will enter through the main entrance doors. Walkers and car riders will proceed to a check in table located in the lobby where they will receive a late pass from the staff member.

Student Dismissal:

Afternoon dismissal announcements will begin at 1:50 p.m.

  1. We are requesting for all parents in the drop off lanes to stay inside their If you park, you may walk up to pick up your child.
  2. The students are dismissed by bus number in the order in which the buses Bus riders exit through the Kindergarten doors of the school and proceed to their buses.
  3. Van riders are dismissed to the Vacant Kindergarten Rooms (2). They will be supervised by Perrywood Staff.
  4. Before and Aftercare along with Park and Planning students are released to the Multipurpose Room.
  5. Students’ whose buses have not arrived are called to the front lobby where they will remain with a staff member until their buses have arrived.
  6. Walkers and car riders are escorted by their teachers through the doors they enter the building in the morning. Students will wait with their teacher until picked up by their designated adult. Walkers will be dismissed by their teacher at that time.
  7. The parents of car riding students will park their vehicle in a single line along the curb in front of the building or they may park in the available spaces in the parking lot. Parents should refrain from parking perpendicular to the parking spaces to avoid blocking parked vehicles or empty spaces.
  8. All designated waiting areas have staff members who monitor the students at all
  9.  Any students who miss their bus or whose parents have not picked them up will be escorted to the office and the office staff will call the student’s parents/guardian or persons listed on the emergency contact Students will wait in the Media Center until their ride has arrived.

PGCPS buses will line up to the right of the main building. Vans will enter where the buses enter and park along the curb for student pick up. The students will exit the cafeteria doors to board their vans upon arrival.

Students wishing to take an alternate dismissal route will need a handwritten note signed by the child’s parent or legal guardian and brought to the child’s teacher who will then send a copy to the school office. Northview Elementary School will not honor alternate dismissal requests received over the phone.

Early Dismissal*: All early dismissals must occur before 1:30 p.m. by utilizing the following procedures:

  1. The person picking up the student must present valid photo
  2. The emergency contact sheet will be verified by the office staff secretaries or designees. If the person picking up the student is not on the emergency contact list, the student will not be Parents can add a designated person to pick the child up only by coming to the school and updating the emergency contact form.
  3. Upon verifying the person picking up the student, that person will sign the student out on the Early Departure Log. One of the office secretaries will initial that they have verified the person’s identification.

Afterschool Clubs/Activities/Sports*: If an approved activity is occurring after school, an announcement will be made during dismissal that indicates the location of where the activity will take place. The students participating in these activities will be dismissed with the walkers and car riders and expected to report to the designated location and check in with the program sponsor. The sponsor will provide a roster of the students who are participating in the after school activity to the front office staff and administrators.

Special Considerations:

The following staff members will have daily access to the bus rider, van rider, and afterschool activities rosters:

  1. Simmons, Principal
  2. Logan, Assistant Principal
  3. Kelly, Secretary
  4. Morman-Matthews, Professional School Counselor

Mrs. Kelly will be responsible for compiling a list of students with court orders or other legal documents related to the removal of students from the school.


Staff Duty Post

Morning and Afternoon Duty Post 2023 - 2024


Morning 7:25 – 7:45 a.m.


Ms. Muammad, Ms. Matthews, Ms. Tupas (A Week)

Ms. Henson, Ms. Booth, Ms. Robinson (B Week)

Front Sidewalk

Ms. Henson, Ms. Booth, Ms. Robinson (A Week)

Ms. Muammad, Ms. Matthews, Ms. Tupas (B Week)

Front Foyer

Ms. Jordan, Ms. Madison


Ms. Royal, ISEA

B- Hallway

Ms. Barnes, Ms. Young, Ms. Rollins

C Sidewalk

Ms. Haegele

TV Studio

Mr. Tetteh, Mr. Braxton, Mr. Bowman

Bus Sidewalk

Afternoon 1:45 – 2:00 p.m.


Ms. Jordan, Ms. Madison

Specials Hallway

Ms. Muammad, Ms. Matthews, Ms. Tupas

VANS (old Kindergarten Room 1)

Ms. Henson, Ms. Booth, Ms. Robinson

VANS (old Kindergarten Room 2)

Ms. Barnes (KIND), Ms. Young (1st), Ms. Rollins (2nd)

Pick Up Van Riders / Bus Riders

Ms. Haegele

TV Studio

Mr. Tetteh, Mr. Braxton, Mr. Bowman

Bus Sidewalk