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TAG in the Regular Classroom (2nd thru 6th grade)

The TRC Program offers appropriate advanced activities using strategies of Differentiated Instruction within the regular classroom.  This model is appropriate for schools with larger TAG populations (50+).  The components of the TRCprogram are as follows:

  • TAG students are cluster grouped with at least 7 other TAG students
  • Differentiated instructional strategies in the heterogeneous classroom
    • curriculum compacting
    • tiered assignments
    • flexible grouping
    • independent study
    • acceleration opportunities
    • learning/interest centers
    • enrichment clusters
  • Guided Independent Study/advanced research opportunities
  • Junior Great Books Discussion Program
  • William &  Mary Jacob’s Ladder Program
  • Advanced Author Studies 
  • Instruction and activities reflecting Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles
  • Gifted Students with Special Learning Needs (GSLN) Services (selected sites)
  • Off-site educational, scientific, and artistic enrichment opportunities

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