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Uniform Requirements

  • Red top and black bottom / Camisa rojo y falda/pantalon negro
  • Black shoes/ zapatos negros
  • Black or white socks/ calcetines blancos o negros
  • Mask (any color) mascarilla (cualquier color)

Uniform Policy

School Uniform Violation

If your child is in violation of the mandatory school uniform policy set by the Prince George’s County Board of Education, the following actions will be taken:

  1. First violation: the student’s teacher contacts the parent / guardian and notifies the principal that a violation has occurred.
  2. Second violation: the teacher refers the student to the principal who contacts the parent /guardian by telephone and/or in writing that a second violation has occurred.
  3. Third violation: the principal sends a letter and telephones the parent / guardian of a third violation.
  4. Fourth violation: the school’s administration arranges a parent conference and restates the guidelines of the policy and consequences of future violations
  5. Fifth violation: the student is removed from the classroom for a full day and completes classroom assignments provided by the classroom teacher in another part of the school.
  6. Sixth violation: a parent/student conference is called which includes representatives from the school’s administration, the child’s teacher, and a representative from the school uniform committee. A final warning is given to the studentand his parent / guardian advising them that another violation will result in further administrative actions. This same information will be forwarded to the parent / guardian in writing as well.

The County will no longer provide an option of transferring to a non-uniformed school.