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Why Volunteer?

When parents are engaged in their children’s lives, students have the home support and knowledge they need to not only finish their assignments, but to develop a lifelong love of learning. Research shows that when parents get engaged in their child’s education, the motivation, behavior and grades of every child in class is positively impacted.  Volunteering is a great way to engage.

There are many reasons for parents to volunteer.  It’s a great way to show your children that you take an interest in their education, and sends a positive message that you consider school a worthwhile cause. Here are many reasons to volunteer in PGCPS.

Benefits for Students

  • Students gain exposure to a wide range of life experiences which adds to a positive learning environment.
  • Students receive more individual attention, support and encouragement. This helps them to overcome obstacles, increase motivation and develop self-confidence.
  • Students benefit from expanded services in libraries, labs, lunch rooms and other non-classroom activities.

Benefits for Teachers

  • Teachers can delegate tasks for the provision of extra help and support for designated groups or individuals.
  • Teachers can expand programs to meet the changing needs of their students.
  • New experiences, interests and skills are brought to the classroom by the volunteers.

Benefits for Volunteers

  • Volunteers derive satisfaction from making an important contribution to the school community.
  • Volunteers receive recognition, affection and respect of students and staff for their contribution.
  • University and college volunteers apply classroom experience towards career choices and post-graduate studies.
  • Volunteers develop new skills, new opportunities for networking and new friendships.

Benefits for the School

  • The presence of the school in the community is enhanced when volunteers become advocates for the children and the staff.
  • Positive partnerships between school and community are effective public relations tools.

Volunteer Registration & Approval Process

Step 1: Complete Volunteer Registration (New & Returning Volunteers)

All volunteers are required to complete the online volunteer application annually. If you previously completed a fingerprint background check/CPS clearance and were approved to serve as a volunteer, be sure to indicate that you are a “Returning Volunteer” on this application. Once approved, your eligibility as an approved volunteer will expire on the last day of school for each academic year.

Returning volunteer renewal registration can be completed in just four easy steps!

  • Use the email address you originally registered with and your existing volunteer identification number (VIN) to complete your registration for the new school year.
  • Click the green plus + sign below the Register Volunteer column to enter/edit your personal volunteer detail that may have changed from the previous school year.
  • Read and sign the disclaimer
  • Submit your

Current PGCPS Employees

Current PGCPS Employees who wish to volunteer must log into the PGCPS Oracle Self-Service menu and select the option “Register to Volunteer.” Next select “Go” and then “Add Application” to initiate your application. Employees are required to provide a personal email address and a telephone number. For volunteer type, select Employee Volunteer. Once submitted your volunteer status will change to “approved”. Please note that the volunteer registration form is not available on Oracle’s Self-Service Limited menu. You must be logged into a computer on the PGCPS network or connect via VPN. Employees must complete this registration process annually to continue volunteering.

Employee volunteers are not required to complete Steps 2 and 3 below. Employees are required to complete all mandatory student safety (SafeSchools) compliance modules assigned to them based upon their current position using their employee SafeSchools account.

Step 2 – Complete Background Screening Process (New Volunteers Only)

To ensure the safety of our students, PGCPS requires a fingerprint background check and Child Protective Services (CPS) clearance for each person who will provide volunteer services more than once each school year. These fingerprint background checks and CPS clearances help identify individuals with criminal offenses which may disqualify them from serving as a volunteer. The total fee for these clearances is $61.00 per applicant. This fee is waived for parents/guardians of students who are approved for free/reduced meals. You must bring a copy of the approval letter to your appointment. Please note that this is a one-time requirement for all volunteers. To schedule an appointment to complete the background screening process, please visit

Step 3 – Complete Mandatory Safety Training Modules (New & Returning Volunteers)

Once you complete the online volunteer application, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application and assigning you a unique Volunteer Identification Number (VIN). Approximately 48 hours after your application is submitted, you will receive an email with a link to log in and complete the required training modules via the SafeSchools platform. You will use your VIN as your username to login and complete the required training modules. If it has been more than 48 hours and you did not receive an email with your training plan, go to to begin your training. You must use the volunteer link and sign-in using your Volunteer Identification Number (VIN) in order to receive credit for completing assigned training as part of volunteer approval process.

Questions about the Volunteer Process?

If you have questions about: