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GRADES SERVED: PreK-3 - Grade 8


John Hanson Montessori, Judith P. Hoyer Montessori and Robert Goddard Montessori

PROGRAM INFO: Early Learning Programs

WEBSITE: John Hanson Montessori, Judith P. Hoyer Montessori, Robert Goddard Montessori


  • Transportation is provided for students enrolled in PreK-4 - Grade 8 
  • Parents must provide transportation for PreK3 students


In the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Montessori program, children receive an education addressing all areas of development: intellectual, emotional, social and physical. Critical thinking and cooperative learning are a part of every lesson. Each child receives individualized instruction in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. 

Montessori schools have multi-age groupings. Each classroom is directed by a teacher who holds both Montessori and public school certifications. Children stay with the same teacher for three years.

  • Primary (Preschool) classrooms are for children ages three to six. 
  • Lower elementary classrooms are for children ages six to nine years olds. 
  • Upper Elementary classrooms are for children ages nine to twelve year olds. 
  • Middle school students from ages twelve to fourteen years of age are grouped together.

Program Features

 Montessori offer students unique opportunities to have:

  • Student-led instruction with a sense of freedom
  • Long-term exposure of concepts starting at the primary grades matriculating throughout 
  • Personalized collaboration with their teachers

View video of our Montessori Program

Choose this program if your child...

  • Has a strong desire to work with tangible materials independently
  • Demonstrates instructional initiative 
  • Has the ability to engage in a community led classroom


Who can apply

Through the PGCPS lottery process, parents of students who are ages 3 or 4 have an opportunity to secure an available seat in one of the Montessori schools throughout the county. Admission to the program/ school is governed by a random placement lottery. Applications are available to students ages 3 or 4 who are residents of Prince George’s County. Montessori schools have specific boundaries, and all school assignments through the lottery are based upon a student’s home address (not the before and after school care provider). For additional information and to apply, visit our website or call 301-952-6300.

When to Apply

November 1, 2023 - February 9, 2024