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Procedures for Delayed Opening and Early Closings

(Excerpted from  Administrative Procedure 2565: MODIFICATION OF SCHOOL HOUR SCHEDULES)

Delayed Opening

(Start of school two hours later than the usual time.)

If it is necessary to delay the opening of school because of inclement weather, dangerous road conditions, or any other emergency which might arise, an announcement will be broadcast over radio stations before 6:30 a.m., Channel 96 and other television stations, and posted on the school system’s web page --

Two Hour Delay - Schools will begin two hours later than normal.

  • There will be NO work-study transportation. (Those students should NOT report to school.
  • There will be no half-day Early Childhood Center (ECC), half-day Special Education Programs, or half-day PreK
  • Any other school program requiring transportation prior to 12 noon will NOT have transportation, including Howard B. Owens Science Center,JA Finance Park, and William S. Schmidt Center (Camp Schmidt)
  • All field trips will be cancelled.
  • Food Services will offer breakfast.

A delayed opening has no effect on dismissal time unless announced

Early Closing For Inclement Weather, Emergencies, And Other Problems 

(Dismissal of schools prior to the regular closing time)

  • The announcement will be made prior to 10:15 a.m., if possible.
  • When the announcement is made for early closing, know your dismissal time, and immediately notify parents and staff.
  • All ECC half-day students will remain in school and be transported home with the regular afternoon dismissal. 
  • All after-school activities and events are to be cancelled, including athletic games and practices.
  • Food Services will provide lunch.