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Earth Month: PGCPS Leads In Climate Action!

Apr 23, 2024

Did you know that PGCPS is at the forefront of K-12 climate action and has set a shining example for sustainability in education? Check out a few ways we are making strides to reduce our carbon footprint and promote environmental responsibility!

#1 in Maryland Green Schools 

PGCPS is committed to creating environmentally friendly school campuses. With 149 (73%) of our campuses as Maryland Green Schools, we have the highest number of 'green schools' in Maryland! This year alone we added four new schools (Brandywine Elementary, Francis T. Evans and Mary Harris "Mother" Jones elementary schools and Imagine Andrews Public Charter, and had 41 schools recertified. Green schools not only promote environmental consciousness but also provide students with valuable lessons in conservation and stewardship.

LEED-Certified New Schools

PGCPS is also leading by example with new school construction projects. By ensuring that new Blueprint Schools are LEED-certified, the district is demonstrating a commitment to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility from the ground up! All six Blueprint Phase 1 schools were designed and constructed to be LEED-Silver equivalent, and the district will take further steps by installing solar panels on school buildings.

Climate Change Action Plan

PGCPS has developed a nationally-recognized Climate Change Action Plan to guide efforts in reducing carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency. This comprehensive plan not only outlines specific targets and initiatives but also fosters a culture of environmental stewardship within the district.

Photos: District leaders hear updates on the Climate Change Action Plan and reflect on the district’s progress to date at the April 17, 2024 Climate-Ready Leadership Summit.