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Blueprint Schools Program

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Background Information

PGCPS’ growing student enrollment, 2,000+ middle school seat deficit, and 206 rapidly aging school buildings have prompted an alternative construction finance method. With the support of County Executive Angela D. Alsobrooks, County Council, and County government, PGCPS is investing $25 million to $30 million a year for the next 30 years in school construction funds, our largest infrastructure investment in generations. The Blueprint for PGCPS takes an innovative approach to school construction financing through a collaborative public-private partnership (P3) to meet the needs of our 136,500 students and nearly 22,000 employees. Over the next decade, more than 30 schools will undergo renovations to improve learning and working conditions.

Blueprint Schools Phase I

In October 2019, PGCPS announced the first six schools to be built under the P3 plan: Drew-Freeman Middle School, Hyattsville Middle School, Kenmoor Middle School, Walker Mill Middle School, and new buildings in the Adelphi and southern areas of the county. The Adelphi and southern area schools were later named Sonia Sotomayor Middle School at Adelphi and Colin L. Powell K-8 Academy, respectively, through a community-centered naming process in alignment with PGCPS Guidelines for Naming/Renaming Schools and Facilities (Administrative Procedure 3500) that involved the formation of naming committees, solicitation of community contacts, and an online voting process.

Sonia Sotomayor Middle School at Adelphi, Drew-Freeman Middle School, Hyattsville Middle School, Kenmoor Middle School, and Walker Mill Middle School opened in August 2023, and Colin L. Powell K-8 Academy opened in November 2023. More information on the projects can be found here.

Blueprint Schools PGCECP Website

Blueprint Schools Phase II

The Blueprint Schools Program has officially begun Phase II. This round of schools will follow the Program’s P3 model, with additional funding being provided by the State. PGCPS and the Program are in the process of procuring the design-build entity for Phase II, which will be announced soon. The schools for Phase II have been selected and are as follows:

  • Margaret Brent Elementary School
  • Hyattsville Elementary School
  • James Duckworth Regional School
  • Springhill Lake Elementary School
  • Brandywine K-8 School
  • Robert Frost K-8 School
  • Templeton Elementary School
  • New Fairwood Area Elementary School

Stay tuned for more information on Blueprint Schools Phase II.

About the Blueprint Schools Program