• Judy Hoyer Family Learning Center

  • A Judy Center is a place where community-based agencies and organizations collaborate under one roof to serve children and their families within or near a school. This integrated approach promotes school readiness through early childhood care and education as well as family support and health programs.
    The Judy Center is part of the public school system. The Judy Center is located at:
    •  Cool Spring Elementary 
    The Judy Center offers year around early childhood programs for children and their families. The Judy Center supports parents to be their child’s first and most important teacher from birth. The Judy Center offers support for children and families with children from age’s birth to five in the following areas:
    • Assistance in obtaining medical/dental insurance for your child
    • Assistance in finding licensed childcare in Prince George’s County 
    • Access to healthy meals/snacks 
    • Participation in medical/dental screenings 
    • Playgroups for children and their families (children ages 0 - 3)
    • Assistance in looking for employment opportunities for parents/guardians
    • Assistance in career planning for parents/guardians
    • Assistance in getting enrolled in English classes, GED classes, college, and trade school courses for parents/guardians
    • Support for pregnant mothers 
    • Assistance in enrolling into Prekindergarten
    • Assistance in enrolling into Kindergarten
    • Summer Learning Programs for children ages four and five for five weeks 
    • Access to free books for young children and other learning activities
    • Parent information work groups 
    • Learning groups for children and their families in reading, math, science, and social studies 
    The Judy Center also supports childcare providers located in Prince George’s County. The Judy Center support is not limited to:
    • Supporting childcare providers with gaining access to community supports that are available for participating in Maryland Excels.
    • Supporting childcare professionals with learning opportunities in continuing to improve instructional practice at their childcare facilities. 
    • Opportunities to participate on the Judy Center Steering Committee and other professional learning opportunities offered through partners of the Judy Center.
  • Services offered by the Judy Center

    What makes Judy Centers special is that their services are offered under one roof either at or very close to Title I schools. In addition to offering this convenience, Judy Centers use a “whole child” approach in addressing the many variables that can impact a young child’s readiness for Kindergarten. Some of the services Judy Centers offer include:

    • Early childhood education
    • Family activities
    • Health care
    • Adult education
    • Identification of special needs and early intervention
    • Child care
    • Parenting classes
    • Family literacy

    By offering a holistic approach and making it as easy as possible for children and their families to access services, Judy Centers prepare young children for school, help adults become better parents and benefit everyone in Maryland by improving the quality of life for families with young children. (Source: Maryland State Department of Education)

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  • Contact Information

    Judy Center Program Manager:

    Andrea Hall
    Judy Hoyer Family Learning Center 
    8908 Riggs Road Adelphi, Maryland 20783

    Judy Center Service Coordinators: 

    Maria Castrillo, Bilingual Outreach Specialist
    Judy Hoyer Family Learning Center 
    8908 Riggs Road Adelphi, Maryland 20783

    Susan McPherson, Service Coordinator 
    Judy Hoyer Family Learning Center
    8908 Riggs Road Adelphi, Maryland 20783