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W2 Sample and Description

The employee W2 form is issued annually to show the amount of taxable wages and taxes withheld for the calendar year. 

Taxable wages are the amount of money taxes are calculated based on.  The taxable wages are gross wages minus pre-tax deductions such as medical, dental and pension.  Different tax types have different pre-tax deductions so the taxable wage for each tax type will be different.  The taxable wages for different tax types are listed in boxes 1, 3, 5 and 16.  Box 1 is federal income taxable wages, box 3 is social security wages, box 5 is medicare wages and box 16 is for state income taxable wages. 


Boxes 2, 4, 6 and 17 show the amount of tax which the employee paid for each tax type.

This is the amount of tax taken out of your checks and sent to the taxing authority(IRS or state tax agency.)

Other boxes on the W2 identify the employee and employer.  Boxes b, c and 15 identify the employer issuing the W2.  Boxes a, e and f identify the employee for whom the W2 has been issued.

Boxes 12 and 14 are information boxes.  These boxes include totals which you may need in filing your taxes.  Please see the W2 instructions at the IRS website for a full list of codes for items which may be listed in these two boxes.  The codes most commonly reported by PGCPS are: 12 C - Group Term Life Insurance taxable cost, 12 E -- TSA deductions, 14 A FSA Health deductions, 14 B Health -- deductions for medical, dental, prescription and vision insurance coverage, 14 C StPkup -- State pension.

Each year W2s must be mailed out by employers by the last day of January.  Employees should allow 2 weeks for delivery as mail may be slower to some areas.  If forms are not received by that time, employees can print the document by going to Oracle Employee self service.  If the employee tries self service but is still not able to print the form he/she should contact the Payroll Tax Analyst at 301-952-6388 or via fax at 301-952-6088.