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Handling of Student Accident Reports

When a student is injured at school, on a school bus, or during a school-sponsored activity or trip, the submission of a Student Accident Report form is required.  This report shall be completed in its entirety and forwarded to the Risk Management and Workers’ Compensation Office immediately following the accident.  Any additional information received after the initial report may be fax to 301-952-6027 or you may scan and send it to

Student Accident Reports forms may be downloaded by clicking here.  At a minimum, the following conditions require the submission of a Student Accident Report.

  • The injury requires the student to leave school or the activity for medical treatment.
  • An ambulance is called, whether or not the student is actually transported.
  • A parent notifies the school that they have taken their child to a doctor because of an injury received at school.
  • The injury involves weather conditions.
  • The injury may have been partially or wholly caused by a physical condition of the facility.
  • The injury involves the head, neck, or spine or a fracture of any kind.
  • The parent expresses concern over the way their injured student was handled by the school.
  • Any competitive sports-related injury should be reported first to the school's Athletic Director and then to Risk Management and Workers' Compensation Office.
  • The injury happens during a visit to either of the Prince George's County Public School facilities by a visitor.

In completing this accident report, it is essential that the accident report be described in sufficient detail to show conditions existing when the accident occurred.  If unsafe or conditions are noted, steps should be taken immediately for their correction.

For more details regarding Student Accident Reporting, please read the Student Accident Reporting Administrative Procedure or contact the Risk Management and Workers’ Compensation Office via

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To file a Workers' Compensation Claim, you may contact the Injured Employee Hotline at 1-800-774-2447.  Call this number to report your workers' compensation claim prior to seeking medical attention for all work-related non-life-threatening injuries.

For questions related to Workers' Compensation, you may send an email to  For all other questions, you may send an email to the Risk Management mailbox at